Slovakia: Results of fourth semi-final

The Slovak public broadcaster STV decided to organise a public national final to find a singer and song to represent the country in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. As many high-quality songs have been received, five semi-finals are being organised, with ten songs each. In every semi-final, two finalists are picked by SMS voting, and a third one by an expert jury. These are the participants of tonight's third semi-final, in order of appearance (qualifiers in bold):

  • Barbora Balúchová & Red Rose - Nakoniec (8th place in televoting)
  • Nocaden - Na Čo Asi Myslíš (10th place in televoting)
  • Golden Vein - Chcem Nevedieť (6th place in televoting)
  • Quasimondo - 16 Barov (9th place in televoting)
  • Zachariáš Hubáček - Bolo Bolo (7th place in televoting) - jury choice
  • Zuzana Haasová & Funny Fellows - V Mojej Zime (3rd place in televoting)
  • Palo Drapák - Kričím Na Svätých (5th place in televoting)
  • Janais - Taram Ta Rej (2nd place in televoting)
  • Miro Jaroš - Malý Hlas (4th place in televoting)
  • Martina Schindlerová - Krídla (1st place in televoting)

The two acts picked by the TV public were Janais and Martina Schindlerová (pictured), while the jury picked Zachariáš Hubáček as an additional finalist. In the interval, Sisa Sklovská, a well-known Slovak singer, performed.

The fifth and, thus, last semi-final will be broadcast on Sunday, March 1st. Stay with us for more information on the Slovak selection!

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