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Slovakia: Results of first semi-final

15 February 2009 at 22:57 CET

For the first time since 1998, Slovakia will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest again this year. The public broadcaster STV decided to organise a public national final to find a singer and song to represent the country in Moscow. As many high-quality songs have been received, five semi-finals are being organised, with ten songs each. In every semi-final, two finalists are picked by SMS voting, and a third one by an expert jury.

Tonight, the first semi-final was held in the STV studios in Bratislava. Desmod & Lucia Nováková could not perform their entry Posledná Minúta due to an accident during the rehearsals, so only nine songs remained in the running. This is the list of participants, in order of appearance (qualifiers in bold):

  • Alone - Nezistím (6th place in televoting)
  • Petra Kepeňová - Odkedy Nie Si (3rd place in televoting)
  • Robo Papp - Nádej Máme (7th place in televoting)
  • EmSoft - Násilie (8th place in televoting)
  • Peter Kotuľa - Cesty Sú Stratené (5th place in televoting)
  • VIP - Hviezdy (9th place in televoting) - jury choice

  • Andrea Zimányiová - Prines Si Ten Kľúč (1st place in televoting)

  • Robo Šimko & MassRiot - Môj Anjel Spí (2nd place in televoting)
  • Hudba z Marsu - Na Hubách (4th place in televoting)

The two acts picked by the TV public were Robo Šimko & MassRiot and Andrea Zimányiová, while the jury picked VIP as an additional finalist. In the interval, Martin Ďurinda & Tublatanka entered the stage to perform Nekonečná Pieseň, the first ever Slovak entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 - they had reached the 19th place back then.

The next semi-final will be broadcast on Friday, February 20th. Stay with us for more information on the Slovak selection!