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Slovakia: Powerful ethno-dance in a forest setting

20 May 2010 at 16:01 CEST

Kristina and her backing dancers entered the stage with the same ethnic costumes that they had already presented during the first rehearsal - they will also be used for the Semi-Final. Their main colour was green, well fitting the stage scenery and the lights in shades of olive green.

The choreography was changed a bit to improve the TV image. Now it is more compact and the dancers stay closer to each other. There were also some changes in the use of smoke effects, which should only appear in the beginning of the performance.

The Slovak entry Horehronie is an ethnic pop song about a mountainous region in central Slovakia. Kristina impersonates a wood nymph in the stage act, and the four dancers accompanying her are there to save her from evil forces. The lyrics to Horehronie were written by Kamil Peteraj, a famous Slovak poet.


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"My career started when I was three years old"

In the press conference, Kristina stated that her second rehearsal was already perfect, and they did not intend to make any changes to the stage act. She gave more details on her costumes, which have been designed by Adriana Adamikova. Several elements that are typical for the Horehronie region have been incorporated in the outfits, like tree bark and leaves for the dancers, representing trees, as well as silk and metal pieces on her own dress.

When Kristina was asked when she had started singing, she replied that it happened when she was three years old and she was sleeping in a baby buggy. She woke up and started singing Lambada, which her grandma later described as her first singing experience.

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