Slovakia: Four songs qualify in fourth quarter-final

In the Slovak national selection for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, a total of six quarter-finals, two semi-finals and one big final will take place over the next few weeks. Ten songs were performed in tonight's fourth quarter final, four out of which qualified for the semi-finals. This is the list of participants of tonight's round (qualifiers in bold):

  • Mayo - Tón 12,9% 
  • Stereo - Niekde Medzi Tým 7,9%
  • Barbora Šulíková - Čelný Náraz 9,9%
  • Alek Malo - Zmysel Života 4,6%   
  • Save The Cookie - My World 7%
  • Pavol Kusý - Slzy V Daždi 10,2%
  • Petra Humeňanská - Rosa Rosí 11,6%
  • Palo Drapák Band - Pocit Vášne 3,9%
  • Alone - Strašne Mi Chýbaš 12%
  • Martina Schindlerová - Môžeš Ísť  20%

Martin "Pyco" Rausch was the presenter of tonight's semi-final, with Martin Kontur supporting him with interviews from the "green room". The outcome of the quarter final was wholly decided by SMS voting. The next quarter final will take place on Friday, the 5th of February.

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