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Slovakia: Four songs qualify for semi-finals

22 January 2010 at 23:11 CET

After a very successful national selection mode in terms of vieweing rates had been implemented in 2009, the Slovak public broadcaster STV decided to extend the mode even further this year: A total of six quarter-finals, two semi-finals and one big final will take place over the next few weeks. In the first quarter-final tonight, ten songs were performed, four out of which qualified for the semi-finals. This is the list of participants of tonight's round (qualifiers in bold):

  • Tomáš Bezdeda - Na Strechách Domov (3rd place)

  • Dreamtouch - Je To OK (9th place)
  • Horská Chata - Myslíš, Že Vieš Kto Som (5th place)
  • Michaella - O Nás (4th place)
  • Hrdza - Taká Sa Mi Páči (1st place)
  • Six And Kristy - Priestor Pre Dvoch (6th place)
  • Richard Čanaky & FBI - Zlomené Krídla (2nd place)
  • Margot - Tak Ma Hrej (10th place)
  • Michal Chrenko - Kto Vlastne Som (8th place)
  • Lucia Olešová - Rok A Pol (7th place)

Nela Pocisková, who represented Slovakia in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest together with Kamil Mikulčík, was a special guest in the show, and she sang a short birthday serenade to Michal Chrenko, one of tonight's participants. The outcome of the quarter final was wholly decided by SMS voting. Slovak Television decided to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti by donating the  televoting revenue to those who were affected the worst. The income will be transferred to the Slovak Red Cross. The next quarter final will already take place on Sunday, the 24th of February.