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Slavic girls go traditional

Impressive traditional effects

Cleo and her dancers wore traditional blouses and long and short skirts from different regions of Poland. The three dancers of the folk group Masowsze wore floral wreaths on their heads that are very popular in almost all Slavic cultures.

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Some elements from the official video were in use during the first rehearsal: the butter tub and the washboard. Some pictures of the official video and Polish ornaments were shown on the LEDs, the  predominant colours of which was white and red. 

On stage, Cleo didn't only show the Slavic nature, but together with her dancers delivered a vocally strong and terrific show.

Meeting Donatan & Cleo backstage

As the song title My Słowianie - We Are Slavic of the Polish contestants Donatan & Cleo already says, it retains an attachment to the Slavic values, especially to the female ones. That’s why Donatan had to take a difficult decision: "I won’t be on stage with Cleo. She will be accompanied by five professional female dancers. In this way we want to make our entry more interesting", Donatan explained.

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"The Slavic girl for me is a beautiful woman. We’ll wear some traditional clothes on stage. You will see," Cleo smiled. Cleo's three dancers are from the popular Polish dancing folk group "Mazowsze", and two ones are the dancers of folk ensemble "Śląsk". Donatan & Cleo are very happy to arrive in Copenhagen and to take the Eurovision challenge!

After the Polish rehearsal, Cleo and her dancers recorded a short "video snack" for their fans: