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Six singers, six times the success?

31 August 2009 at 15:18 CEST

Among many others, a very multinational team has started work on their project for Europe's favourite TV-show. Singers from five countries have recorded four songs, one of them being a joint entry, called One World, One Dream

The young singers are the Maltese Thea Saliba, Christa Karu (Estonia), Randi Knoblich and Christian Deussen from Germany, Ron Koprivica (Montenegro) and Austeja Jelinskaite (Lithuania). 

From to Junior to stardom

Thea Saliba is already a big star in her native country of Malta, winning several contests and performing even as a ballet artist. She also represented the tiny Mediterranean country at the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Make It Right, achieving the sixteenth place. Saliba was also the one who recorded two solo songs with the mentioned project. The other singer who also recorded a solo entry is the 17-year-old Lithuanian, Austeja Jelinskaite.

Another one of the singers, Christa Karu is a newcomer to the business of music. Karu told the Estonian press she was a little careful when she first got the offer but it changed when she was sent the plane tickets to join the other singers for a workshop in Germany. "On Saturday we gave a concert for the press in Castrop-Rauxelis but the rest of the time we spent in the studio, recording," the young singer explained.  

By comparison, Randi Knoblich from Cologne and Ron Koprivica, who is from Montenegro on one side of the family, are already professionals in the recording studio. Christian Deussen has also had some success, when he just missed out in the quarter-finals of the Lithuanian national selection in 2008. 

A fan looking for success

The lyricist of the songs and the leader of the group, Stefan Engel plans to send those recorded songs to the Lithuanian and Maltese national selections, more countries to follow, to make - according to his own words - his biggest dream true. 

Stefan describes himself a hardcore fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, who tries always to be there to see it live in the arena of the Show. His song has taken part in the Lithuanian national selection before and also tried to participate - so far unsuccessfully - in the national selections of Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, Belgium, San Marino, Lithuania. 

Sadly, you can't hear the recorded songs yet, though, as according to the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest, the songs cannot be released before the 1st of October. Will his multinational approach give him the success he longs for, the upcoming months will show!

The 2010 edition of Europe's favourite TV-show will be held on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May next year in Oslo, Norway.