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Six more qualifiers in second Hungarian heat

01 February 2014 at 23:24 CET

The following three acts have been chosen by an expert jury to go forward to the semi-final stage:

  • Joni
  • Bogi
  • András Kállay-Saunders

After this announcement, the TV public picked another three entries out of the seven remaining candidates by means of televoting:

  • Lilla Polyák
  • Musicfabrik
  • Heni Dér

The concept of A Dal proved to be very successful in the past years. In tonight's second quarter-final, ten entries were presented (jury scores in brackets):

  • Ég veled - Dér Heni (35 points)
  • Miért ne higgyem - Belmondo (33 points)
  • Waterfall - Joni (36 points)
  • Camon Babe - 2 Beat Or Not 2 Beat (30 points)
  • We All - Bogi (35 points)
  • Állj meg világ  - Vastag Tamás (35 points)
  • Born To Fly - Szécsi Böbe & Szécsi Saci (30 points)
  • Karcolás - Polyák Lilla (31 points)
  • This Is My Life - Musicfabrik (34 points)
  • Running - Kállay Saunders András (38 points)

You can listen to all the songs on the A Dal website.

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Tonight's qualifiers will have to compete again in one of the national semi-finals, which will be held on February 15th and 16th. Before that, one more quarter final will be broadcast, on February 8th.

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All shows will be streamed live on the official A Dal 2014 website. For the final of A Dal, on February 22nd, we will offer a webcast for all viewers worldwide, right here on!