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Sirusho again for Armenia?

11 January 2013 at 09:46 CET

Sirusho, who represented Armenia in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Qélé Qélé and secured the best placing to date for her home country - fourth - might be set to return on the Eurovision stage this year.

She just recently released her new single Pre-Gomesh (watch on Youtube), which became the most watched Armenian clip within short time, yielding no less than 125.000 clicks during the first day, and 560.000 views during the first three weeks of publication.

It might indeed be a continuation of the Qélé Qélé story, the song title of which was taken from the works of Komitas, a famous Armenian artist: Pre-Gomesh, too, is influenced by Komitas' works. The buffalo (Gomesh) has an allegorical meaning, representing hard work, strong will, and justice.

Public Television of Armenia doesn't deny the fact of Sirusho's candidacy. "Anyone can be our representative for Malmö, including Sirusho, we are still discussing", said Gohar Gasparyan, head of the Armenian delegation.

Sirusho had already confirmed her interest to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest last year, but in the end, Armenia did not participate in the 2012 edition of the contest. Will she get her chance this year? We shall find out soon!

Stay with to find out who will represent Armenia in Malmö!