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Sing 'Tomorrow' along with Gianluca from Malta

Posted 8 May 2013 at 14:32

Maltese singer Gianluca appeared relaxed backstage while having his sound checks with his group, although he admitted to feeling a little bit nervous about appearing on such a big stage for the first time.
Gianluca is casually dressed, but nevertheless very smart, with white shirt, waistcoat and light brown jeans, and his fellow performers are also in smart casual wear.
Initially Gianluca and his group are on the main stage. His group comprise two female backing vocalists, and three males, on drums, guitar and ukulele.
{Video#YT, id: kKJt13kxzeU}
Whilst Gianluca walks out onto the catwalk stage during the number, his backing group make their way to the left of the stage, where there is a park bench, where they sit and gather around before Gianluca joins them for the closing few lines of this sing-a-long number.
With the lyrics flying around in various animated forms on the large projector screens, the crowd in the arena will certainly join in this entry, especially with plenty of the 'oh, oh' responses.
Following his rehearsal, Gianluca went to the Euroclub to meet the press and fans.
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