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Simply Conchita

21 May 2015 at 16:56 CEST
Conchita Wurst just held a press conference today at the Wiener Stadthalle. She talked about her new projects, her book, her album and how it is hosting the Green Room at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest!

There was a huge interest in the press conference hall today as last year's winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Conchita Wurst was having her meeting with the press.

"Three days ago I thought, why did I agree on doing that? I remember I was shocked when they came to me last year in the Green Room, why am I doing it to the artists this year?" Conchita joked upon arrival at her press conference. "I'm pushing my boundaries, I have exactly 1:45 seconds, and they're always talking in my ear, it's not an easy task".

The presenter of the press conference, Kati Bellowitsch, said to Conchita "now you are Queen of Europe, what do you think about that?" and Conchita replied "I have no idea, I really appreciate it, I don't have an explanation, every time I have a concert, an appearance, there are actually people showing up. I am not used to winning and being a known person outside of Austria... I don't know why, I'm just thankful because I'm just being myself".

Conchita, the book, is already published in six languages "but I'd love to have it published into Spanish, Russian... They asked me if I could write a book about myself, I'm too young for my memoires, so I thought it needs to be a book I'd bought myself, and that's why it has so many pictures", Conchita explained.

Conchita, the album, is also released now. "I feature many music styles in this album, not going in only one direction, I rather did them all". The artist followed: "I created this album in a very selfish perspective, because I wanted to enjoy it myself: it has power ballads, big uptempo numbers, I see my life as a musical and that's what I need myself".

Her record company Sony Music had a surprise for Conchita: "a symbol for your hard work in the last months, it's a platinum award for your first self titled album Conchita". The singer was virtually "speechless, and that's not usual, oh thank you so much.. thank you! That's unbelievable, thank you so much to my fans, I didn't expect this and it's huge, thank you to my record company. I didn't know I was giving an acceptance speech! It's a dream come true because I didn't have a repertoire before, and let's go on, I had prepared so many answers"!

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How has Conchita's life changed in the last year? "My life changed in every way you can imagine. I'm basically living my dream, this is something that I really treasure. All my visions and dreams they are now turning into a stage concept, a video, a photo shoot..."

Is the Austrian artist living a double personality life? "I am not a double person, I am always the same but with a different outfit, for example, I am not travelling in drag, this is not 24h" pointing at her self appearance.

Conchita has had the opportunity to travel a lot "I've been to so many places, I'm allowed to travel a lot. I've been to Australia recently, that was beautiful, I don't know why but with a very tight schedule it still felt so great, standing in front of the Opera House was a dream in my pocket".

Why is Conchita dropping the "Wurst" lately? "I just wanted to make it simple through the book and the album, and it's the only way of getting an Oscar, dropping your surname!" explained the artist.

With all that it's going on around her is she still able to convey her message of tolerance? "One of my sides is to express my message even if nobody asks me too, and I had the opportunity to speak in all of these important places to very important people... it's not an effort for me in doing what I love. I love talking basically.

Was it hard at times for Conchita to take on the criticism? "When it comes to society there are things that make me angry, but when it comes to my person, I know it's very impolite, but I couldn't care less, I only focus in the good things in life. Going a little step into the light just made me feel better", Conchita confessed.

She had a final word about this year's Eurovision Song Contest: "It's such a huge privilege and huge honour for Austria and Vienna to host this Eurovision Song Contest and I have to take a moment to say thank you to, in first place, the volunteers, then there is also the security, the Red Cross, the Vienna tourist board, so many people involved, ORF, the EBU... everyone is so focused and motivated, hopefully it is the best Eurovision week you'll ever experience!