Simon Mathew to represent Denmark in Belgrade!


After an exciting voting procedure, Danish television viewers decided to send Simon Mathew to Belgrade to defend the white and red colours at the second Semi-Final on 22nd May. Simon Mathew's song is called All Night Long  and it is written by Jacob Launbjerg, Svend Gudiksen and Nis Bøgvad. 

Final ranking after the televote

  1. Simon Mathew - All Night Long   48 pts.
  2. UNITE - Tree of Life   46 pts.
  3. Sandee May - Spanish Soul   42 pts.
  4. Kendra Lou - Until We're Satisfied   16 pts.
    The Dreams -  La' Mig Være   16 pts.
  5. Anne-Marie & Claus Hassing - Come On Over   10 pts.
  6. Amin Jensen - Luciano   8 pts.
    Lars & Josefine - Sweet Memories of You   8 pts.
  7. Lasse Lindorff - Hooked On You   6 pts.
  8. Charlie - Den Jeg Er   0 pts.
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