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Miro represented Bulgaria in 2010 with the song 'Angel Si Ti'
Miro represented Bulgaria in 2010 with the song 'Angel Si Ti'
Photo: EBU

Silver wings for Bulgaria

Angel Si Ti, the Bulgarian entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, is an energetic song that starts like a ballad and changes into an up-tempo dance song. The Bulgarian team presented their whole stage act and the Semi-Final costumes in today's second rehearsal. Miro was wearing a white leather suit, while his backing dancers were all dressed in silver: The two female artists wore silver boots and had angel wings attached to their dresses, with which they covered Miro in the beginning of the performance. His male dancers appeared on stage shirtless, just wearing silver trousers.

The Bulgarian delegation stated that they had not made any major changes in the stage act, as they had been very happy with the first rehearsal already. As we reported earlier, the Bulgarian entry will be sung partly in English on the Semi-Final night: It starts in Bulgarian, and after the first chorus, Miro switches to English, with the last chorus being sung in Bulgarian again.

Miro looked very confident on stage today, and he delivered a convincing and vocally strong performance. The elaborate dance act was well captured by the cameras, and the smoke effects as well as the white lighting of the stage added to the mystic atmosphere of his song.


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"Being on stage is better than sex"

Miro entered the press conference stage with a baseball cap showing the Norwegian flag and he introduced the head of the Bulgarian delegation, Maria Ilieva, and the producer of Angel Si Ti, Gordon Davis, as well as his backing dancers, one of which is actually Miro's girlfriend, as he revealed to the press.

The delegation stated that they were very happy with the second rehearsal, apart from some voice problems that Miro mentioned. When he was asked how he felt on stage, he answered: "It's amazing, my adrenaline is high, my heart is beating. Being on stage is better than sex."

Maria Ilieva explained that the aim of the delegation was to go to the final. Miro added that, for him, it was more important to show the Bulgarian culture to the people than to win the contest.

When Miro was asked to show the tattoo on his back to the press, he stood up and one of his dancers ripped up his T-shirt to reveal it, earning him a big applause of the journalists and fans in the audience.

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