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Shooting Bulgaria's postcard

Before their visit to Bulgaria the team sent a list of questions for Elitsa and Stoyan so they could get a clear impression of their personalities and favourite activities. They also discussed with the Bulgarian broadcaster, BNT, about specific locations for the shooting.

The first location was the National Museum of History in Sofia. The Swedes were really impressed by Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Serdica ancient complex. Another interesting location for the shooting was Stoyan's home.

After Sofia the Swedish team went to the second biggest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv, and its ancient part. The postcard will also show Elitsa and Stoyan in different daily activities. In one of the scenes, the Bulgarian drum artists visit the Bulgarian music school Dobrin Petkov, where they met with the students and had a master class with them.

The Bulgarian duo presented their official Facebook page where they will publish exclusive information and pictures before and during their stay in Malmo.