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Shiri Maimon became 3rd at the MTV EMAs

07 November 2008 at 16:22 CET

Yesterday the prestigious MTV European Music Awards' show was held. Amoung others Europe's Favourite Act's prize was given out.

As reported earlier, Shiri Maimon (representing Israel in 2005 with Hasheket Shenish'ar) and Dima Bilan (winner of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest) were among the top 5 competing for the award in the end.

During the show in Liverpool, the UK, it was finally revealed that Shiri Maimon achieved the third place in that category, placing before the British star Leona Lewis and the Russian pop-icon Dima Bilan.

Europe's Favourite Act trophy finally went to Emre Aydin from Turkey.

Other Eurovision Song Contest releated artists, like Laka, Morandi, Kerli and Sergey Lazarev, were eliminated from the competition at its earlier stages. 

Shiri Maimon achieved a high 4rth place at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest held in Kiev, Ukraine. congratulates Shiri and wishes her all the best for the future!