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"Shining star" from Austria will give her best

10 May 2013 at 15:15 CEST
Natália Kelly performed 'Shine' in 2013 EBU

Preparations for the performance seem to be routine for the shining star from Austria. “I feel great, not nervous at all. Sure, there is always some pressure, will I qualify for the Final or not, but I’m trying not to think too much about it. However, I will surely give my best”, Natália told us in the backstage before her second rehearsal.

She already took part in numerous music competitions, but this one is definitely different, 18-year old pop singer says: “First of all it’s international. I have already been in Amsterdam, London and now I’m in Malmö. That all happened just in a few months. It’s really nice to be part of Eurovision Song Contest. You are meeting interesting, new people every day. Second, I have never performed on such stage.”

After the second rehearsal, the girl with the unique voice is going to have her first official Press Conference in Malmö Arena. We couldn’t wait to find out more about Natália’s debut album, so we asked her about other songs she recorded?

“An album is already out and the feedback that I get, also here is great. I am really proud on it as I wrote most of the songs. If I would have to describe what style of music it is, then I would say it’s mainly pop, but with some elements of rhythm and blues music”, Natália explained adding that she is preferring live instruments being used in her songs.

Second rehearsal was even better

Natália is very confident on stage together with her five backing vocalists. On the big night of the First Semi-final, she will wear a white blouse made of silk chiffon. The collar will be decorated with rhinestones in rose, silver and metallic color.

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The background scene was set in purple. Green shards were hanging from the ceiling, which were lifted towards the end of the song.

The Press conference

One of the questions for Natália, asked by journalists who attended the Press Conference today in the Malmö Arena was, how much winning “The Voice” helped her to win National selection in Austria? “Every experience influenced how I got here, so it did help”, Natália answered.

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Stefan Zeichner, Head of Press explained why talent shows are important for young musicians. “It’s a great chance to start a career, especially international”, Zeichner answered.

Talking about how it feels to open this year’s Eurovision Song Contest,  The Austrian contestant said: “I’ve heard different opinions about. Some were telling me that it’s not good. But actually for me it’s a big honour. We are going to enjoy it, hopefully others as well.” Beside acapella version of her song Shine, Natália was also singing live Can't Wait Until Tonight, the German Eurovision entry from 2004.