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Shining Solayoh on stage for Belarus

The third country to rehearse today was Belarus. met the Belarusian singer Alyona Lanskaya just before she entered the stage for her first rehearsal. The whole team wore sweaters with Alyona’s name on the back. Alyona was in a very good mood singing the refrain of Solayoh.

She said that the first rehearsal is very important for her that’s why she got up very early today and practiced her singing a lot already.

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In the Belarusian rehearsal, Alyona Lanskaya appears from within the big shining ball that symbolises the magnificent planet Solayoh. The singer was accompanied with three male and two female dancers who all together delivered a strong and consistent performance.

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The warm red and orange colours were shown on the projectors. Alyona performed in leisure cloths. “My costume for the First Semi-Final is still a secret”, she said. In the last try, the pyrotechnics were used.

After the first rehearsal, the Belarusian delegation were heading to Euroclub where Alyona spoke to the press and shared her impressions about Malmö and her rehearsal.

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