Shining Cypriot boxes

Christina Metaxa, the seventeen-year-old Cypriot entrant entered the rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow on Tuesday afternoon. In the centre of the show are three shining white boxes. Early on in the performance, Christina sings on top of a rotating box. In the end, two of the boxes are stapled, with Christina standing on top and speaking the final word jump. The background and main colour of the entry was that of sea blue. Christina was supported by two backing singers in the front by the two other boxes, and three additional backing singers in the background.


Firefly was composed by Christina’s older brother Nikolas Metaxas. The inspiration behind the song was Christina herself. Nikolas says: “Christina is shy and sensitive and she often needs an extra push to take risks in her life and pursue her dreams, as all teenagers do. Firefly tries to tackle the insecurities and doubts that people often have and give them a motive to take a ‘leap of faith’.” In March this year, Christina had one of the leading roles in a Cypriot production of the musical Mamma Mia. As well as singing, Christina is a talented artist and paints to get relaxation. She also dances and is a member of the Diastasis young dancers group, one of the most famous cultural groups in Cyprus. Christina also writes poetry and children stories and is ready to publish her first book with three stories for children as well as her first poetic collection.

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At the press conference, Christina and her brother, the song composer Nikolas Metaxas, said that they are very close. Nikolas is planning to write more songs for Christina, perhaps for a future album. Simultaneously, Christina is practising her voice-talent for a career in the musical business.

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