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Shining and shaking dancers for Belarus

Posted 10 May 2013 at 18:17

Alyona Lanskaya appeared on stage in blue shining fringed dress that suited her blue eyes very well. Her male dancers wore white loose-fitting costumes. Alyona’s female backing vocalists wore dresses in blue and white colours whilst her backing male vocalist was in a white costume with a blue shirt.
All together they delivered an energetic and exciting performance. Alyona was very good vocally. The dancers jumped and played the drums and created the cheerful and happy atmosphere of Solayoh.
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"I want to make people happy with my song"

In the beginning of the Belarusian press conference, Alyona Lanskaya introduced all her team. First person the singer introduced was the composer of Solayoh Marc Paelinck. “We have a nice singer and a nice song this year. And I am very happy to be here,” Marc said. Alyona introduced the Head Of the Belarusian delegation, Marat Markov and her assister and Alyona’s translator and a good friend Olga Salamakha as well as her producer Dmitri Baranov and the director of her performance Aleksa Raitovich.
The host asked Alyona about the Belarusian national final last year: “You were so close to represent Belarus last year but what happened?” “I don’t know. The situation is not clear for me. But I’m optimist and to live in the past is very expensive that’s why I’m here in Malmö this year.”
The Belarusian singer was asked to tell about her song Solayoh. “It’s a mystic planet without evil spirits where people are happy. Solayoh could mean different happy moment for everyone."
Alyona was asked to confirm the gossip that the Belarusian president wanted her to win the Contest. The singer said: “No, if I am not mistaken, he said that I have a nice song and maybe have a chance to have good results.”
The host asked Alyona about human rights and what the singer is fighting to support. Alyona said that she wants everybody to make happy with her song. Marc Paelinck was asked about his opinion about this year’s Belgium song. “It’s not typical Eurovision song, but I really like it.”
The last question was addressed to Alyona if there are any Russian elements in her entry. “Some find different motives in my song: Greek, Turkish, Russian or Belarusian.”

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