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Share The Moment: The videos that give a clue

Posted 4 December 2009 at 23:40

The NRK web team posted three links to YouTube videos, that should get you "in the mood" for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Earlier, TV-producer Hasse Lindmo already asked himself the question: "What do 125 million people look like?" The following three YouTube videos, combined with Hasse Lindmo's question and the usage of spheres will play a prominent role in the entire concept of the show, we could have some hidden clues here on what to expect for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest on television, and in various other ways.
Moscow 2009 will proudly maintain its spot as the biggest Eurovision Song Contest in many ways. Oslo 2010 promises to be different in many ways. Maybe even in a mindblowing way... Patience is a virtue!

Where the hell is Matt?

Stand By Me

Hibi No Neiro

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