Seven pick winners this weekend, watch 3 LIVE

Tomorrow evening is going to be a powerful start for the great weekend ahead. Namely, Estonia, Greece, the United Kingdom and Germany will pick their entries for Oslo. They'll be followed by Sweden and Serbia on Saturday and Bosnia-Herzegovina on Sunday.

Who will carry the Estonian flag?

The Estonian final, called Eesti Laul, will start at 20.30 CET. It'll be the the first time since 2002 when such an event is aired from a concert hall, before a live audience. Ten songs will compete to become the one and only winner who will represent the tiny country in Oslo.

The current main favourite is said to be Lenna Kuurmaa, who was the leading vocal of the band, Vanilla Ninja, that represented Switzerland at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. Her song, Rapunzel, was written by Vaiko Eplik, who represented Estonia at the 2003 edition of Europe's favourite TV-show with his band Ruffus. 

The other favourites include Marten Kuningas with the band Mahavok and the three-time Estonian national final participant Rolf Roosalu. The winner will be picked once again in by a combined vote between a professional jury and the viewers. First two superfinalists will be picked and then the viewers will choose the lucky winner.

The show will be hosted by the comedians Ott Sepp and Märt Avandi, who have their own song contest organised within Eesti Laul. There they'll perform songs themselves, in every imaginable stereotypical genre. Who will win Eesti Laul and which song their contest, will be decided already tomorrow. Until that time, you can read more about the Estonian finalists in our article.

Who will follow Sakis Rouvas?

The Greek national selection will get its start at 21:00 CET on Friday. As always, the process until now has been full of dramatical twists. Two songs have already been disqualified, leaving seven to compete. That has, naturally, raised a lot of questions in the Greek media. 

One of the main favourites is George Alkaios & Friends with OPA, which has been capturing Greek hearts for weeks on television and radio channels alike. Will he be the one to follow the superstar Sakis Rouvas in Oslo or will it be someone else? Check it out tomorrow! You can find out more about the finalists in our article about the Greek chosen ones.

You can follow both of these national finals - the Estonian and the Greek - on Friday right here on in our ESCTV player! Enjoy!

Two of the so-called Big Four countries will also make their pick tomorrow. They've chosen quite different ways of selecting the entries but no doubt - both have the will to take victory this year.

Can Waterman beat Webber?

Last year the UK song was written by the world-famous composer Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. This year the British broadcaster, BBC, decided to continue the path which brought them the fifth place - highest since 2002 - in Moscow. Namely, the hit master Pete Waterman has been chosen to take the job this year.

By now, six finalist have also been picked, two female and male vocalists and two bands. In the final, Waterman together with a self-chosen panel of judges, will give three the chance to perform his song. The viewers will decide who's going to represent the Union Jack on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest this time.

Will any of them be able to repeat what Katrina and the Waves did back in 1998 and bring the victory home? Decide it by reading our article about the UK finalist and watching the show yourself tomorrow evening.

Has Stefan Raab's formula worked?

This year the German broadcasters ARD and ProSieben decided to join forces and pick the perfect entry for Oslo. For this, they chose the well-known TV-personality Stefan Raab to head the whole process of several shows held on both channels. Might be a good decision as Stefan Raab has a three-time experience at Europe's favourite TV-show, writing their 1998 and 2004 entries and performing on stage with his legendary in 2000. See how the German national final has worked this year in our articles.

He started by calling out for artists all over Germany and started castings already last fall. By now, after seven shows held, leaving just two finalists - Jennifer Braun and Lena Meyer-Landrut - for tomorrow's show. It'll be up for the viewers to pick their favourite in the end and take the responsibility of  representing their homeland. Find it out tomorrow! 

Who will rule Melodifestivalen?

The excitement in Sweden has grown and grown with every week the past month  or a bit more when the most-awaited music show in Sweden got its start. By now ten have been picked to compete for the right to represent the Swedish flag in the neighbouring capital of Oslo. 

It seems like the blonde winner of last year's Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection, Malena Ernman, might be followed  by another blond singer. Most bookmakers agree that Anna Bergendahl will take the victory home this time. However, as last year proved, surprises are always possible in the Swedish final. See from our articles how has the Swedish final worked this year.

The event has been quite a magnet for the Eurovision Song Contest fans for years. Many travel to Stockholm to feel the spirit of Melodifestivalen every year. has also a small crew in Stockholm already and we hope to bring more to you these upcoming days.

Who will will Goran Bregovic be writing for in Serbia?

Serbia decided to go another way this year with picking the renowned composer Goran Bregovic to write their entry for the 55th Eurovision Song Contest. He picked Milan Stankovic, Emina Jahovic and Oliver Katic feat. Jelena Markovic to compete on Saturday. He's written three songs for the three finalist. It'll be up to the viewers to vote for their favourite and choose who they want to represent them in Oslo. 

See who's in the final from our article about the Serbian finalists and follow the Serbian final on Saturday!

How will Dino's song sound?

Last but not least, we'll have the Bosnia and Herzegovina participant singing his entry for the first time in public this weekend. The broadcaster, BHRT, had already decided they want to have Vukašin Brajić on stage. His song was written by the renowned composer Dino Šaran and it's called Munja I Grom (Lightning And Thunder). Šaran is also the frontman of the popular rock band Letu Štuke. 

How will the song, which lyrics you can find in our exclusive article about the Bosnia-Herzegovina song, sound like, will be known on Sunday. 

By the way, you can see the Bosnia-Herzegovina song presentation, at our ESCTV player's Bosnia and Herzegovina programme. It starts at 21.00 CET, stay tuned!

This is it about the weekend ahead, but don't forget Israel will also make a choice for their participant, Harel Skaat, on Monday! Stay tuned for that as well!

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