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Serhat to represent San Marino

12 January 2016 at 12:40 CET
Serhat SMRTV
Moments ago the San Marino broadcaster, SMRTV announced at a press conference that the Turkish born singer, Serhat will be the artist to represent the country in Stockholm.

Artist selection

The process of choosing the fifth artist to represent the Republic of San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 started some months ago. As in previous years, San Marino RTV received many emails from singers, composers and producers willing to join the Eurovision Song Contest with the smallest participating broadcaster. Among those, a European production company highlighted an artist that last autumn was having breaking success in the German and British DJ and Dance charts. This escalated the singer to the first position in Germany, and to second in the United Kingdom.

SMRTV decided to contact the artist and to check his interest in the contest, and the answer was that Serhat will be their singer in Sweden.

Serhat is an artist fully representing the new Europe. He is Turkish born, and had a German education in his home city Istanbul, with much experience in Germany, Greece and France. He has a proven television background and is an international artist. Already known in several European countries for his song Total Disguise (a duet withthe 1987 Eurovision Song Contest presenter Viktor Lazlo), his extraordinary Je M'adore is hitting the charts since last summer and is getting a case in the international discography world.

His unexpected knowledge of the contest and international music world is surprising and the broadcaster was also hit by the beauty of the song and of the project, coordinated by 23 Music. But it was undoubtedly persuading as his perfectionist style and his outstanding, unceasing, creative passion for the music and for the Eurovision Song Contest.

About Serhat

Serhat, is a typical scorpion, he is a succesful singer, producer and TV-host who chose to work in the show-business after completing his education in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Istanbul.

He entered the world of television with the most highly rated quiz-show of all times, Riziko, the Turkish version of America’s legendary Jeopardy, where he was both the producer and the presenter. With Riziko he was awarded the best TV-presenter and best TV-producer twice in a row. His latest TV-show  Kalimerhaba was shot in Greece and Turkey and hosted celebrities from both countries.

As well as Total Disguise, his single Chocolate Flavour became another popular hit, especially in Greece.

In 2007 he recorded three songs, I Was So Lonely, No No Never and Ya Plus Ti in both English and Russian with the Russian/Georgian star Tamara Gverdtsiteli. They also performed together in concerts in Moscow and at festivals in Belarus and Moldova.

19 years ago Serhat founded the National and International High Schools Music Contest and has since then been guiding and coaching young talented musicians.

The Megahit-Mediterranean Song Contest held in Turkey was another international success of Serhat, with him being the guest star, the presenter and the artist playing the opening act for three years in a row.

Since 2013 Serhat’s music career has been based in France and Germany. He is keeping on his musical journey worldwide with his latest single Je M’adore which topped the DJ and Dance Charts in several European countries, being number one for five weeks in a row in the German DJ Charts.

Serhat has been awarded many prizes, including the Golden Key of the City Alexandria for his international artistic career and Fair Play Grand Prize awarded by the Turkish National Olympic Committee.

Serhat has been chosen by San Marino RTV to represent the Republic of San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. He stated at the press conference that he was "very honoured" to be representing the country.

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