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Sergej Ćetković sings for Montenegro

19 November 2013 at 14:05 CET

Radio Television of Montenegro has chosen their representative internally like in previous years. Since they joined Eurovision in 2007, RTCG preferred an internal selection (the choice of an artist and a song). In other words, after confirming their participation at Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Montenegrin national broadcaster revealed the name of their contestant and in the following weeks, they will share more details about the song as well. but in this very moment, two things are more than clear: Sergej Ćetković is going to write a song for Copenhagen and the next year's entry from Montenegro will be a love song!

“Our song for the Eurovision in Denmark will be a song with a high quality. Of course we hope to get into the Final. For me that would be a good result”, Sergej said during the Press conference, organised by RTCG. “The rhythm is being dictated by the song, that exists only in contours at this moment”, he explained.

Thrilled by experience in Baku

Sergej Ćetković is already quite familiar with the Europe’s Favourite TV Show and it’s euphoria, as he was a special guest in Baku, during 57th Eurovision Song Contest. The Montenegrin pop star was completely thrilled with the support that Eurovision artists have had there during the contest.

“We did talk about it before, but I am not someone who would accept it that easily and then doing a song in the very last moment”, Sergej stated once, confirming his interest for the Eurovision Song Contest. Among other things, one of the most successful pop singers from Montenegro, pointed out that he would never change his style because of Eurovision. “Following trends and dealing with such task is one thing, but I would always tend to keep my personal touch”, he added.

Five studio albums, many great songs

Sergej Ćetković comes from Podgorica. He was only seven years when he joined a Montenegrin group called  Vatrena Srca (Passionate Hearts). As a singer, Sergej started his career in 1998 at the festival Sunčane skale with a song Bila Si Ruža. In December 2000, he released his first studio album Kristina. Since then he is one of the most popular pop artists from Montenegro, highly respected and very popular in former Yugoslav republics.  

Montenegro has been part of the Eurovision family since 2007. However, Montenegro has never managed to qualify for the Grand Final, in it’s six year long Eurovision History. They made a short pause though, in 2010 and 2011. Nevertheless, the best results Montenegrin contestants achieved were those in 2009 with Andrea Demirović, (11th in Semi-Finals) and hip-hop „klapa“ Who See (12th in Semi-Finals) this year in Malmö.