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Serbian shoe touches down in Moscow

Posted 8 May 2009 at 15:28

The second rehearsal of Marko Kon & Milaan was skillful and funny just like the first one. The Head of Press of the Serbian delegation, Duška Vučinić-Lučić, told us that the artists will wear the same costumes in the Semi-Final in which they appeared today. Marko Kon wore a yellow jacket perfectly fitting the colour of his hair style. He was accompanied by three male dancers in black trousers and white pullovers. The accordeon player, Milaan, had a black leather costume on. The only female dancer wore a white voluptuous tulle dress. She was lifted up in the air and dropped to the floor by the other dancers during the performance. The LEDs on the arena ceiling showed a pixelated sketch of the lead singer's face. In the press conference Marko Kon told the press about the second rehearsal. He said he was sweating much, but not because of a lot of movements, just because "he was fat".
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