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Serbia: Shimmering sequined performance

20 May 2010 at 17:39 CEST

Serbia's second performance of the song Ovo Je Balkan provided a striking change more or less straight away, when Milan and his team of dancers and backing singers emerged from their tube shaped stage-props. This time around Milan had his costume on - a blue outfit with a long jacket, purple t-shirt, blue trousers and pink shoes. Very striking! The female backing singers are wearing extravagant white outfits that resemble a wedding dress or ball gown. The male dancers match Milan with their blue outfits covered in silver sequins that reflect the stage lights. 

In terms of the actual performance, the Serbian delegation told that subtle changes to the camera angles have been made and that the pearls, which are lowered from the rigging during the performance now appear 10 seconds earlier than in the first rehearsal. Otherwise the striking lighting sequences remain the same with a multi-coloured display that flashes impressively to the beat of the song. Pyrotechnics gave a dramatic finish at the end of the show that should go down well on the night.

The Serbians seemed to be satisfied with this performance of the song written by famous Serbian composer Goran Bregović and hope it will be popular amongst the voters and juries on the 25th of May. 


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"Full of power and full of energy"

At the second Serbian press conference, Milan and his team had a change of clothing and were asked how their rehearsal went. Milan replied, saying that he had a slight problem with his belt during the performance. 

Also, when asked about the clothing, it was revealed that Milan may wear a completely different outfit to the second rehearsal at the first Semi Final on the 25th of May. This would be like "modern candy" according to the Assistant Head of Delegation.

One interesting question was regarding the contrast between the national final and their performance in Oslo. The answer was that they want to be both internationally appealing whilst still respecting their traditions. The Serbian Head of Delegation also commented that it is the first time Serbia is using props on stage, which they are "very excited about". 

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