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Serbia's Nevena Božović closes day 1 of rehearsals with 'Kruna'

04 May 2019 at 16:20 CEST
Serbia 2019 first rehearsal Andres Putting
Nevena Božović closed the first day of rehearsals at Expo Tel Aviv with her 'Kruna', the Serbian entry for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. The emotional ballad was presented in a similar way as her winning performance in Beovizija, Serbia's national selection for Eurovision, with Nevena wearing a black dress and silver accessories.

Nevena Božović will perform ninth for Serbia in the first Semi-Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday 14 May at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel.

Born in Kosovska Mitrovica in 1994, Nevena Božović is no stranger to Eurovision as she took third place at the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and was part of Moje 3, the band that represented Serbia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. Besides winning Beovizija, Serbia’s national selection competition with the song Kruna, this year Nevena specialized in solfeggio at the Faculty of Music of the University of Belgrade.

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What happens on stage?

Nevena stands in the middle of the stage wearing a black long dress and some silver accessories, like a big necklace, a wristband and another upper armband. A misty atmosphere is created at the beginning of the performance building up to a more epic finale. A simple yet touching performance from Nevena focusing primarily on her vocal performance and her emotions delivering it.

Will Nevena take Serbia to the Grand Final with 'Kruna'? Tell us what you think in the comments below!