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It was revealed earlier this year, that Serbian broadcaster RTS had invited Kornelije, Alexandra and Kristina Kovac to each choose a singer and song for the Serbian national selection, where the three family members would all compete with each other to try and win the Serbian ticket to Düsseldorf.

Today, RTS revealed who each of the family members had selected and the title of the songs they will sing. The group Breeze will perform Ring Ring Ring, the composition of Kornelije Kovac. Nina will perform the song Caroban composed by Kristina Kovac, and  Aleksandra Kovac herself will perform her composition Idemo Dalje.

Breeze - Beatles are an inspiration

Breeze is a group comprising of Aleksandar Erakovic (guitar and bass), Radovan Spasojevic (guitar and vocals), Marko Calic (bass and vocals), Damjan Dasic (drums and vocals), and Nikola Dundjerovic (guitar and vocals). They were founded five years ago, and from 2010 when they recorded their first single Catch The Air,  they rapidly rose to the top of the television and radio charts. The band records pop music, said to be inspired by the Beatles and other popular bands from the 1960's and 1970's.

Nina - multiple winner of festivals

Danica Radojčić Nina will sing the composition entitled Caroban, which translates as Magical. She is 21 years old and has been a vocal performer since childhood. She has enjoyed a lot of success in musical festivals in Serbia including Golden Mermaid and Fedemus. She has also participated in many other festivals in her homeland and is also the front woman of the band Sex Legal Department.

Aleksandra Kovac - mothers lyric used

Aleksandra Kovac is the only member of the family who has elected to perform her own song, rather than choose another artist. Her song  Idemo Dalje, translated as Let's go further was actually a lyric written by the late mother of both Aleksadra and Kristina Kovac, Spomenka Kovac. Aleksandra has enlisted the help of Aleksandar Filipovic and Roman Gorsek to compose her entry.

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The order of presentation of the songs in the Serbian national selection will have been made public by a draw by RTS prior to the show itself, which will take place on February 26th. 

The winner will be decided by SMS voting alone, and the act which gains the most SMS votes will go on to represent Serbia in Europe's Favourite TV Show in Düsseldorf in May. RTS confirm that a strict control over the voting procedure will be exercised, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the final result.

Serbia will participate in the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday May 10th in Germany.



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