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Serbia has chosen: Marko Kon & Milan Nikolić for Moscow!

09 March 2009 at 00:10 CET

The line-up for tonight's final in Beovizija was as follows:

  1. Oscar & Beauty Queens feat. Đorđe Marjanović - Superstar
  2. Danijel i Milica - H8ER
  3. Sonja Bakić - Ništa novo
  4. Saška Janković - Nauči me
  5. Dušan Zrnić - Tvoje drugo ime je greh
  6. Marko Kon &Milan Nikolić - Cipela
  7. OT Bend - Blagoslov za kraj
  8. Andrej Ilić - Nemam te
  9. Etar - Sanjaj me
  10. Pozitivan haos - Gloria
  11. Ivana Selakov - Moje odbrane
  12. ** Ana Nikolić - Bili smo najlepši  (did not participate after all)

Two additional entries were added to the 10 due to a miscount during the yesterday's semi-final. Hence Ana Nikolić and Ivana Selakov were supposed to take part, but Ana Nikolić decided not to perform after all.

After the voting procedure, it was clear that Marko Kon and Milan Nikolić were the winners. Cipela got the jury's top mark, 12 points, and Marko Kon & Milan Nikolic received 7 points from the public. The public favourite was the runner-up, OT Bend, but the jury only awarded 5 points to their song Blagoslov za kraj. The final result is thus as follows:

  1. Marko Kon & Milan Nikolić - Cipela 19 pts.
  2. OT Bend - Blagoslov za kraj 17 pts.
  3. Etar - Sanjaj me 15 pts.
  4. Oscar & Beauty Queens feat. Đorđe Marjanović - Superstar 12 pts.
  5. Ivana Selakov - Moje odbrane 11 pts.
  6. Dušan Zrnić - Tvoje drugo ime je greh 10 pts.
  7. Danijel i Milica - H8ER 7 pts.
  8. Saška Janković - Nauči me 6 pts.
  9. Andrej Ilić - Nemam te 6 pts.
  10. Pozitivan haos - Gloria 4 pts.
  11. Sonja Bakić - Ništa novo 1 pt.

The theme of tonight's event was RTS TV series. Acting couple, Srdjan Timarov and Milena Vasic performed songs from most famous TV series RTS produced over the years - in a meddley. During the interval act, Sirusho (Armenia 2008), Jelena Tomasević (Serbia 2008) and Boaz Mauda (Israel 2008) will perform for the first time song called Time to pray (lyrics by Israeli President Mr. Peres, music by Boaz Mauda and Tomer Biran). Jelena Tomasević also perfomed several songs in Serbian, including Oro (Serbia 2008). Sirusho performed her entry from last year as well Qele - in an uptempo disco version. Boaz Mauda also sang his entry from last year The Fire in Your Eyes.

Marko Kon and Milan Nikolić will try to succeed Marija Serifovic and Jelena Tomsevic who came 1st and 6th respectively in Europe's favorite TV-show in 2007 and 2008.