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Sequins and spotlights for Azerbaijan

20 May 2012 at 17:15 CEST

Before going on stage we have an exclusive talk with Sabina Babayeva in her dressing room where she told us about her stunning dress and what it means to have the Eurovision Song Contest held in her hometown and indeed to represent Azerbaijan on home turf. 

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"I am very proud to represent my country and I can feel the pressure after being chosen at the national final", she said to us whilst having her hair done in her dressing room. 

"When we won Eurovision I was watching at home and we just screamed so much and people were on the streets dancing until dawn", Sabina went on to say about the night last year that Ell/Nikki clinched victory in Düsseldorf, "It was a shock for us!". 

Fiery elegance on stage

In terms of Sabina's stage performance of When The Music Dies, not much has changed since the first rehearsal and the show remains a fiery mix of a kinetic background simulating flying paint in shades of red with calmer shades of blue on the spotlights. 

Sabina's dress is one specific element worth speaking about as not only is the white dress with feathers and sequins but there are also some spectacular lighting effects on it, with various reds and oranges being projected onto the dress with silhouttes flying around to the rhythm of the song. 

Sabina sings When The Music Dies with a lot of conviciton and it appears that she really believes in the story she is telling; of heartbreak and sorrow. This together with the stage show provides a pretty spectacular three minutes of viewing on television. 

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Once again Alim Gasimov joined Sabina on stage in an impressive display of traditional mugam music to compliment the melody of When The Music Dies. 

"The rehearsal was great for me"

The press conference started with a speech by the moderator, introducing Azerbaijan's entrant, Sabina Babayeva. 

She then entered in a stunning red dress accompanied by members of her delegation including Alim Gasimov, who joins her on stage. 

She was asked how it felt to be on stage in Baku. She said, "well as you saw, it was just great for me. Today I tried to share my emotions with the audience". She then went on to thank Alim Gaismov for joining her on stage and described him as "legendary". 

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She went on to answer questions about visiting Baku and how she would feel if Azerbaijan won again. 

Alim Gasimov also chanted in the traditional mugam style to demonstrate his skills before Sabina went on for a photoshoot.