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Senit (San Marino) 2nd press conference

05 May 2011 at 23:04 CEST

The chemistry on stage is important, says choreographer Shaun Fernandes, who seems to be thoroughly enjoying what he’s seeing there. “And our work exemplifies that we’re working with natural talents, a real band, real musicians, real singers. They just ooze passion when they sing and play.”

Senit probably feels at home on a stage in Germany, seeing that she played the role of Nala in the musical ‘The Lion King’ in Hamburg. “Well, I’ll try to get some rest. Though not yesterday because we partied. But usually it’s rest and then warming-up with the vocal coaches.” Competition will be tough, the singer thinks, as all songs are of a high quality.

Senit is of Italian nationality, but she readily accepted the offer to sing for San Marino. Says Delegation Head Edmondo Anselmi: “We wanted to come to the Eurovision Song Contest and meet the necessary standard. Senit and her team good entrants and Italy is a good neighbour. So in the true spirit of the Eurovision, we selected her.”

Asked if she prefers to follow a career in musicals or a pop, she opts for the latter, since her new album will come to the stores at the end of the year. “The Eurovision is an amazing window of opportunity for me,” she says.

The only thing left undone before the Semi Finals is Senit’s dress. “It’s not finished yet,” she reveals. None other than Elizabeth Emanuel is putting the finishing touches on it. She’s the reputed fashion designer who made Lady Diana’s wedding gown.

Delegation Head Anselmi takes a minute to look at how far the delegation has come. “It was a crazy idea, it developed into a good project, now it’s work,” is his summary. Fernandes responds cheekily: “No, he’s a child in a candy shop, this one!” Best of luck to San Marino!