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Senit (San Marino) 1st press conference

02 May 2011 at 16:01 CEST

All the delegation members were full of praise for Düsseldorf, the arena, and how graciously they had been welcomed by the Germans. Says Senit: “I’m excited to be back in Germany because it’s a very warm country and a big adventure representing my country for the first time.”

The Italian-born Senit even confessed to being a little nervous, but she’s certainly no stranger to the big stage. She toured with the musical ‘Fame’ (1999-2000) in Switzerland and Walt Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ and worked closely with prominent authors like Massimo Ranieri. Her debut album, titled ‘Senit’, boasted sales in the thousands. She has a uniquely balanced soul singing voice that is both soft and powerful and she is well-known and respected both in the R&B and pop music scene. Her third album, ‘So High’, was recorded in the USA, where she had the opportunity to work with several prominent producers. She has also appeared daily as a TV presenter on the Urban Charts program of the HIPHOPTV station.

Senit’s achievements are all the more remarkable when one considers the challenges of forging a musical career in such a small country. As the delegation noted, San Marino is a tiny country with only about 30,000 inhabitants, barely enough to fill a small suburb of Düsseldorf. Senit herself lives about 45 minutes away in nearby Italy. When asked how an Italian came to represent San Marino, Senit explained: “I heard that San Marino was looking for someone to represent them, so I came and they gave me an audition – and now I’m here!”

Although Italian is a very romantic language that would lend itself to her very romantic song, she and her composer and lyricist Radiosa Romani decided to write it in English. “We decided to sing in English because it was an international language and the creation of the song really began in English.”

 Senit confides that she really does not feel the competition yet and that everyone backstage tend to behave more like a big family: “Of course on the 10th we will kill each other (giggles), but right now it’s a big adventure. I will do the best to get to the final – and I’ll pray.”