Senit brings San Marino back to Eurovision

The Sammarinese broadcaster SMRTV, revealed in the beginning of February that it had chosen Senit, a singer of Eritrean origin who was born in Bologna and who can already look back to an impressive career since 1999, to represent the country in Düsseldorf.

However, the song she will sing in May, wasn't announced but just days before the entries were officially handed in to the European Broadcasting Union in March.

The title of Senit's song for Düsseldorf is Stand By, and the European public will get to hear a soft-rock ballad as the Sammarinese entry. The official video clip of Stand By was shot partly in San Marino and partly in London.

 The song introduction was also broadcast on's ESCTV Player - if you missed it, you can watch it again on-demand.

What do the fans think?

"This song is just wonderful and brings back memories from the early 2000's when pop had a meaning in it." - said Hendrik from Estonia. "Ballads are like beautiful flowers, they have to grow slowly. The more I listen to Stand By, the more I like it." - added NorgeNorge. HenSilva from Portugal agreed and considered "it's a good song and a good voice!".

See a gallery of her below!

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Who is she?

Senit has Eritrean origin, was born in Bologna, and has an international background. She is an eclectic interpreter whose activities range from musicals to discography. Her artistic debut was in Switzerland with the musical FAME under the direction of Andreas Koeneche and she soon extended her collaborations to include prestigious authors such as Massimo Ranieri.

On 29th May 2009 her third album, So High, was published. It was recorded in Los Angeles in collaboration with Michael Baker, a historic drummer who had also arranged and produced artists such as Missy Elliot, Christina Alguilera and Whitney Houston. It was her first step to the Hall of Fame of R&B and international pop music.

After her experience abroad, which allowed her to meet and personally live the culture of the country where R&B was coined for the first time, Senit went back there in spring and summer 2010 to record some demos tracks with some of the most important American producers, who had already been working with some other great artists such as Pink, Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Busta Rhimes.

Read her full biography on Senit's artist profile!

She will perform 12th in the first Semi-Final on the 10th of May in Düsseldorf. 

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