Semi-Final qualifiers completed the running order

In a press conference at the Olimpiysky Indoor Arena, held immediately after the show, the representatives of the ten countries that qualified for the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest from the second Semi-Final talked about their feelings after tonight's show and their plans for Saturday. Journalists from all over Europe were present in a full-packed press conference hall, and they had the opportunity to ask the happy qualifiers questions.
This is the draw for the running order of the Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest:

1. Lithuania
2. Israel
3. France
4. Sweden
5. Croatia
6. Portugal
7. Iceland
8. Greece
9. Armenia
10. Russia
11. Azerbaijan
12. Bosnia and Herzegovina
13. Moldova
14. Malta
15. Estonia
16. Denmark
17. Germany
18. Turkey
19. Albania
20. Norway
21. Ukraine
22. Romania
23. United Kingdom
24. Finland
25. Spain

Croatia's Igor Cukrov and Andrea Šušnjara were the first performers announced at the press conference. Igor told about how his experience from the participation in a Pop Idol style contest in his home region had given him great experience. Now he is ready for bigger tasks.

Alexander Rybak from Norway was congratulated for his birthday, which he celebrated the previous day, with a song from the attendance. A Belarusian questioner proved to have a poem from Alexander's grandmother, which she handed to the surprised singer. “Every journalist should take example of her,” Alexander said.

The Danish finalist Brinck was asked by a journalist from his home country to give a message to Europe. Brinck responded by thanking the people of Europe in all the languages that he could think of. When being asked of whether he had received any greeting yet, he answered that his cellphone was flooded and that he had turned it off for the press conference.

AySel from Azerbaijan gave a necklace as a present for his duet partner Arash as a thanks for the company during the last months. Arash said that they of course felt nervous on stage, but that he felt that they could achieve anything together.

For Greece, Sakis Rouvas, after drawing the position of eight in the running order of the Final, performed his entry once again. He was then asked to comment on his close relation to the head of the Russian jury, Philip Kirkorov. Sakis stated that he has had this relation since long before this contest, and he said that he has great faith in the sense of justice of Mr. Kirkorov. Sakis had plenty of loud supporters from his home country present in the press conference.

An overjoyed Sasha Son from Lithuania said that he thought that his achievement this night would be of major importance for his country. He commented that his song was about hope, and that everyone has something in their lives that they hope to achieve.

Nelly Ciobanu from Moldova drew the running-order position of thirteen, but nevertheless was happy and satisfied – and even more so when a journalist told her that a friend of his won a bottle of wine from betting on her success this night.

The Albanian Kejsi Tola, shining with joy, said that she loves her song and to participate in the contest. She also sent her greeting to a special boy in the attendance.

Svetlana Loboda from Ukraine had a problem with one of her “hell machines” on stage, which did not turn on its lights. She also told, after advancing to the final, that she is ill and has been unwell for some time. At the press conference, she performed her song, spectacularly standing on top of the press conference podium.

The Estonian Urban Symphony already had the position fifteen ready, as they were last in the draw their place in the running order. But the box with the number wouldn't open, and would only give way when Ukraine's anti-crisis girl Svetlana Loboda gave it her best try. The group told that they thought about positive things such as their families and friends during the performance.

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