Semi-Final day with Sjonni's Friends

Early start with Sjonni's Friends

We join Sjonni's Friends early morning at their hotel, where the plan for the day is discussed. We are also treated to a jam session in room 330 where Sjonni's Friends only this week recorded a cover version of Johnny Logan's 1980 winner What's Another Year, as a result of how popular the impromptu version went when sang at their press conference.

Then follow the guys on their bus ride in to the arena, where a special guest was waiting for them with a treat in their dressing rooms.

Watch the video footage

All of the reaction before and after the show, the emotions and celebrations are captured in the video below :-

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Also, check out the photo gallery as Sjonni's Friends were preparing and singing in their hotel room.

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Full video of What's Another Year

If you would like to see the full version of the cover of Johnny Logan's What's Another Year, check out the YouTube video below, courtesy of Icelandic broadcaster RUV :- would like to thank lyricist Thorunn Erna Clausen, Head of Press Felix Bergsson, and Head of Delegation Jonatan Gardarsson for giving permission and exclusive access to make this film.

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