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Top locations to take a selfie in Kyiv

Host Broadcaster UA:PBC has compiled a list of perfect locations to take a selfie in Kyiv.

Yullia Kryvinchuk
Yullia Kryvinchuk
Posted 13 May, 2017, 13:17

The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will soon be coming to an end but there's still time to see the sights of Ukraine's capital city! Host Broadcaster UA:PBC has compiled a list of perfect locations to take a selfie in Kyiv. Check them out below!

Eurovision Aircraft Airport
Shortly after you land at Kyiv's Boryspil airport your attention will be drawn to a unique and newly decorated plane in the colours of the Eurovision theme artwork. The aircraft has always been considered to be a Kyiv airport landmark, however artists Andrii Kovtun and Viktoriia Laim managed to transform it into a real piece of art.
The Eurovision Sign at Independence Square
While taking a walk in the centre of the city you can easily notice another exceptional selfie point; a huge Eurovision sign located in Kyiv's Independence Square. The Eurovision Village is located next to this point where fans can enjoy live performances on the stage.
Trade Union Building
In the heart of the capital you can find a gigantic banner on the side of the Trade Union Building with the motto “Freedom is our religion!”. It's the perfect location to celebrate diversity.
The Arch of Diversity
The Arch of Friendship, has been re-styled with the colours of the raindow and is now called The Arch of Diversity. The arch represents the main theme of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – Celebrate Diversity. With just one click of the camera, you can capture the historic monument and modern day diversity at the same time.
The Singing Field
Kyiv is one of the greenest cities in Europe and serves as a perfect backdrop for your selfie. The Singing Field by the Dnipro River is a particularly good location and showcases the beauty of Ukraine's capital.
Mother Motherland
The Mother Motherland statue immediately captures your attention. The figure holds a rock-solid shield and razor-sharp sword and towers 62 metres above the city.
International Exhibition Centre (Arena)
This year Kyiv’s International Exhibition Centre has become the musical heart of Europe. The production team have been working around the clock for months to ensure that Saturday's Grand Final will be a spectacular one. Next door to the venue, Kyiv's International Exhibition Centre, you can embark on a river cruise and enjoy the picturesque from the Dnipro river.
St. Andrew’s Church
For those who cannot imagine their stay without visiting galleries, antiques stalls or cozy restaurants, Kyiv is the place for you. Stroll down the city’s most ancient and beautiful Andriivskyi Descent. Right at the top you’ll catch sight of St. Andrew’s Church, designed and constructed by a prominent Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli almost 300 years ago.
Mariyinsky Palace
The Mariynsky Palace is the official residence of the President of Ukraine. Located near the Euro Club the palace is the perfect backdrop for any selfie.
Where will you take your selfie in Kyiv?
Yullia Kryvinchuk
Yullia Kryvinchuk
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