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Second Semi-Final Winners Press Conference

25 May 2012 at 01:35 CEST

For each of the ten countries that have qualified for the Grand Final out of tonight's First Semi-Final, two delegation members were present at the press conference stage at the Baku Crystal Hall. Two questions per country were being asked by the press, and after that, the starting position in the Grand Final, to be held on Saturday May 26th, was drawn.

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The first delegation tonight to be asked two questions was Lithuania. Donny Montell was asked how he feels, coming from a small country and being in the Final together with big countries like Russia. "I think everyone here is very talented, and then it doesn't matter how big or small you are, the main thing is that you feel it in your heart", he replied. About his competition, he said: "I'm worst to myself, if I have to compete, I'm always very critical to myself, and I give my best."

Lithuania was drawn to perform 4th in the Final.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina was next, and an Australian journalist asked Maya Sar for a few words in Bosnian language to her fans back home. She said she was very grateful for the support back home, and she thanked everyone for voting for her.

Bosnia & Herzegovina was drawn to perform 5th in the Final.

The first question for Željko from Serbia was about the difference in feelings between his first participation in 2004 and this year's. Željko explained that this time is a lot easier as "I'm older, eight years older". He was asked if he was more emotional as a singer or a songwriter, and he replied: "I'm most emotional when I'm both the singer and songwriter, just like I did it in 2004. It was completely different when I was just the songwriter for Lejla in 2006."

Serbia was drawn to perform 24th in the Final.

Ukraine's Gaitana was asked next by a Ukranian journalist if she was going to improve for the Final: "I'm going to be even better, I'm going to sing better because I'll be more relaxed. Thank you for your support back home in Ukraine!" The second question to Gaitana was from a Polish journalist, and he wanted to know what dish she would prepare for her guests. "Exotical fruit, for sure! It will be dishes from all over the world, from Asia, Africa, and of course from Ukraine", she answered.

Ukraine was drawn to perform 25th in the Final.

Loreen from Sweden was then asked how she would describe her performance tonight. "It felt good! It's a hard job, with all the cameras, the choreography. I had to be very focussed, and I was", she replied. Then Loreen was asked about her friendship with Tooji from Norway and if it was hard to compete against him. But Loreen thinks that this is not like competing, is about performing together and "that feels great!"

Sweden was drawn to perform 17th in the Final.

Kaliopi from F.Y.R. Macedonia first welcomed Lys Assia, the first ever Eurovision Song Contest winner, in 1956, who was present at the press conference stage, and then she thanked her ex-husband, who also wrote her Eurovision song. A journalist wanted to know what Kaliopi's qualification meant for her country and for herself. "I already know that the people in Macedonia are very happy, I received so many messages, and that is already enough for me", she explained. When she was asked which Semi-Final entry she would have liked to see qualifying, Kaliopi explained: "If I was the EBU I'd make a different Final, I'd make a Final with all 42 artists. Congratulations to all of them for their performances!"

F.Y.R. Macedonia was drawn to perform 22nd in the Final.

The Norwegian delegation was next, and Tooji first stated that he was happy to celebrate his birthday on the Eurovision stage on Saturday. He was asked what it meant to him to meet his relatives again after many years. "It means everything! It was great to see my aunt again, it was a very emotional moment to me", he stated. Tooji then admitted that "I'm in this competition to win, and I'm going to win!"

Norway was drawn to perform 12th in the Final.

Ott Lepland from Estonia was asked if he was now on the verge of his international breakthrough. "There is still a long way to go. My main goal is to perform well on Saturday, and to represent my country with dignity. It is hard to say if it's an international breakthrough yet", he said. About Ott's future plans he said himself: "Saturday will be very important for me, but in the future I will keep on writing my music and with it I'll try to touch people's hearts."

Estonia was drawn to perform 11th in the Final.

Kurt Calleja, the Maltese representative, was asked what were his goals after qualifying. He cited a line of his song lyrics - "Believe and achieve" - and explained that everyone who believes in themselves can achieve their goals. Then a journalist asked Kurt: "Is this your night?" He replied "Oh... if I put the microphone close to my heart now it'll go dancing. And yes, this night means so much for me personally as an artist, and to be on that stage again is just amazing!"

Malta was drawn to perform 21st in the Final.

The Turkish representative, Can Bonomo, was asked what he would improve for the Final. "We will continue working, and hopefully we will be greater and better, and I hope it will be something good in the end" was his answer.

Turkey was drawn to perform 18th in the Final.