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Second Semi-Final rehearsals completed in Tel Aviv

11 May 2019 at 18:43 CEST
Lithuania second rehearsal 2019 Thomas Hanses
The final 9 acts in the second Semi-Final have completed their second rehearsals at Expo Tel Aviv. Today's rehearsals featured Croatia, Malta, Lithuania, Russia, Albania, Norway, The Netherlands, North Macedonia and Azerbaijan.

After the first 9 countries competing in the second Semi-Final completed their second rehearsals yesterday, it was time for the 9 remaining countries to rehearse today. Now all the Semi-Finalists have completed their second rehearsals and will move to dress rehearsals next week.

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10. Croatia - Roko with The Dream.

Roko returned to the Eurovision stage with his two angels to kick of Day 8 at Expo Tel Aviv. Still dressed in his white leather jacket, shirt and trousers, it was a case of fine-tuning for Roko as the delegation perfected his staging.

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11. Malta - Michela with Chameleon.

The Maltese delegation have made some major changes to their staging after Michela's first rehearsal. The opening graphics have been replaced with Michela now performing with less CGI interaction. With her hair down and more emphasis on the choreographic interplay between her and her backing dancers, the production looks polished and stage-ready.

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12. Lithuania - Jurij Veklenko with Run With The Lions.

Jurij Veklenko finished off his rehearsal time with three more renditions of Run With The Lions. In a more relaxed outfit and more gold lighting on the backing screen, Lithuania's staging is all set for next week's live shows.

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13. Russia - Sergey Lazarev with Scream.

Sergey Lazarev brought Russia's Scream back to the stage for round two of his rehearsals and delivered his solo performance once again. The timings are fine-tuned with everything working as he interacts with his own reflections in the mirror screens on stage with him.

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14. Albania - Jonida Maliqi with Ktheju Tokës.

Another fiery performance came from Albania's Jonida Maliqi as she completed her second rehearsal of Ktheju Tokës in Tel Aviv.

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15. Norway - KEiiNO with Spirit In The Sky.

Norway's KEiiNO returned to the stage for their second rehearsal with the full staging now in place. Some of the graphics display for their song was missing in the first rehearsal, but this time around, the Nordic Lights made it to Tel Aviv and stage came alive.

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16. The Netherlands - Duncan Laurence with Arcade.

A strong and steady performance from Duncan Laurence epitomized the second rehearsal of Arcade this afternoon in Tel Aviv. Minor changes have been made to strengthen the performance and the once-hanging ball was been replaced with one on Duncan's electric grand piano today.

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17. North Macedonia - Tamara Todevska with .

Tamara Todevska completed round two of North Macedonia's rehearsal with a big smile and a thank you to the watching press. Three more run-throughs of her solo performance took place as the final camera angles were locked down for Monday's dress rehearsal and Jury Show of the first Semi-Final.

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18. Azerbaijan - Chingiz with Trust.

Chingiz completed the final rehearsal of the day as he brought Trust back to the stage for Azerbaijan's second rehearsal. When it comes to the stage positioning, Chingiz and the robots have got the performance running like clockwork.

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What happens next?

With the second rehearsals of all 35 Semi-Finalists now complete, the 6 pre-qualified Finalists will return to the Expo Tel Aviv stage tomorrow to complete their rehearsals before tomorrow evening's official Opening Ceremony of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

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