Second Semi-Final: New rule in action!


A new rule, implemented before this year´s Eurovision Song Contest, says that the top-9 contestants chosen by the televoters qualify for the Final. The highest ranked contestant from the back-up jury results who did not yet qualify through the televoting, also qualifies for the Final.

After the first Semi-Final, it appeared that the televoters and the back-up juries selected the same 10 contestants to qualify for the Final. This was not the case after the second Semi-Final, as one of the 10 contestants who qualified was not in top-10 of the televoters. So, one of the qualified Semi-Finalists would not have made it to the Final without the support of the back-up jury! 

"Another country"

"Under the old rules, we would have seen one other country in the Final," said Svante Stockselius, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Complete results to be revealed Sunday morning

To keep the Final exciting until the very last moment, the complete results of the two Semi-Finals will be revealed through on Sunday morning. These results also reveal which of the 25 Finalists made it thanks to the back-up jury!

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