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Second Semi-Final live from Vienna!

21 May 2015 at 22:30 CEST
We know all the finalists now Andres Putting (EBU)
Did you watch the second Semi-Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest LIVE from Vienna? Surprised by the outcome? 17 acts were competing and 21 countries voted, but only ten qualified for the Grand Final. A two-hour show was hosted by four ladies: Mirjam Weichselbraun, Alice Tumler, Arabella Kiesbauer and the Green Room host Conchita Wurst! Don’t forget that you can watch it again here on or on our YouTube channel. Follow our live update from the Wiener Stadthalle!

Who would you like to qualify for the Grand Final?

Share with us your 10 qualifiers.

The Contenders

  1. LITHUANIA: This Time sung by Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila
  2. IRELAND: Playing With Numbers sung by Molly Sterling
  3. SAN MARINO: Chain Of Lights sung by Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola
  4. MONTENEGRO: Adio sung by Knez
  5. MALTA: Warrior sung by Amber
  6. NORWAY: A Monster Like Me sung by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett
  7. PORTUGAL: Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa sung by Leonor Andrade
  8. CZECH REPUBLIC: Hope Never Dies sung by Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta
  9. ISREAL: Golden Boy sung by Nadav Guedj
  10. LATVIA: Love Injected sung by Aminata
  11. AZERBAIJAN: Hour Of The Wolf sung by Elnur Huseynov
  12. ICELAND: Unbroken sung by Maria Olafs
  13. SWEDEN: Heroes sung by Måns Zelmerlöw
  14. SWITZERLAND: Time To Shine sung by Mélanie René
  15. CYPRUS: One Thing I Should Have Done sung by John Karayiannis
  16. SLOVENIA: Here For You sung by Maraaya
  17. POLAND: In The Name Of Love sung  by Monika Kuszyńska

@20:30 Do you know all the songs from the countries taking part in the second Semi-Final already? Curious about their performances? Well, this is your last chance to see them as there are just 30 minutes left until the show starts.

@20:35 Countdown to the second Semi-Final continues! There's enough of time to take part in our quiz. We have a new question for you.

@20:40 Last chance to download and print out the scoreboard for the second Semi-Final!

@20:45 Some artists use the last half an hour before the show to relax, some for rehearsing. Michele from San Marino seems to be ready.

@20:50 Listen very carefully. The Eurovision hosts have something important to say.

@20:52 Time to go to backstage again. "I feel very excited to go on stage. I'm really happy about this and waiting for this moment. I have the feeling that my dream is coming true," Aminata from Latvia told

@20:56 This year's Eurovision venue - Wiener Stadthalle - is overcrowded with fans. Here's a video about their arrival. Looks amazing, doesn't it?

@21:00 Ready or not, the second Semi-Final just started! Good evening Europe and Australia.

@21:02 The hosts have new 'shinier' dresses, including Conchita a host from the Green Room. But she is one step ahead - the queen of Europe also has a new haircut.

@21:04 As usual, the host explain the rules about voting. TV viewers from the 17 participating countries (and Germany, Italy, the UK and Australia) are going to vote tonight during the show. You can vote by calling the phone numbers you will see on the screen or by sending an SMS - up to 20 times! Or just use the official Eurovision app.

 @21:07 First up on stage are Monika and Vaidas and their country-pop tune This Time. A song about love that is very much represented by the chemistry they show on stage with that famous kiss!

@21:10 By the way, in the Lithuanian postcard, both Monika and Vaidas do bungee jumping!

@21:12 So, do you like their performance? Let us know what you think. One is for sure, Monika & Vaidas have a catchy song followed by a 'magical kiss'.

@21:15 Next is Ireland, with the quiet and beautiful ballad Playing With Numbers, performed by the very young Molly Sterling, 17, and her backing group.

@21:17 The stage is beautifully lit with images from a wood in sunset shades.

@21:19 The youngest participants this year come next. Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola are both 16 and represent San Marino with the song Chain Of Lights.

@21:21 It has been written by Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger who, together, have written over 20 songs over the 60 years of history of the Eurovision Song Contest

@21:23 The stage goes dark blue in song number 4. It is that of Montenegro, written by another veteran of the contest, Željko Joksimović.

@21:25 Now the lights turn into red as the song Adio progresses. It is performed by Knez alongside his five female backing vocalists.

@21:27 Some important challenges and adventures await the singers of tonight's Semi-Final in their postcards and the Maltese singer, Amber, is parachute jumping on hers. After all she is a Warrior, as she sings song number 5, delivering a powerful performance.

Gallery: Second Semi-Final: Green Room

@21:30 "Green is the colour of hope", Conchita says. "So, after their performance all of the contestants come here hoping to get something to drink."She is chatting with the contestants from San Marino and Ireland.

@21:33 After a chat with some of the contestants with Conchita it's time for the next act to get up in the stage of the Wiener Stadthalle.

@21:35 It is Norway's Mørland and Debrah Scarlett with the delicate dark ballad A Monster Like Me. Their performance consists mainly of a single shot with the steady cam following the duo on stage

@21:37 Have you noticed the Eurovision postcards between the acts? They are lovely, aren't they? You can also check them all on our YouTube channel.

@21:39 Next one up is Portugal with Leonor Andrade and the song Ha Um Mar Que Nos Separa.

@21:40 She is singing her pop rock track against a wind machine stream. Leonor wears an all black outfit.

@21:41 After their adventure in a suspension bridge wearing an armor and a damsel gown.

@21:43 Marta and Vaclav from the Czech Republic change into all black for their performance of Hope Never Dies on the stage. And Marta takes her shoes off through her performance!

@21:47 The next one is Israel with another 16 year old artist Paris-born Nadav Guedj and his lively number Golden Boy.

@21:49 Nadav is accompanied on stage by an all male group, his three male dancers and two backing singers. Oh! Three minutes have passed by and Nadav reminds us that he has to go and leave the spot for Latvia's Aminata.

@21:51 Next to perform is Latvia: Aminata is wearing a very long red dress. She delivers an intriguing performance of her entry Love Injected. The Latvian contestant is joined on stage by three female backing vocalists.

@21:54 Azerbaijan is the land of fire and, in his postcard, Elnur is playing with a Zippo lighter while watching the making of the opera Turandot.

@21:55 A night time backdrop is show for his performance of Hour Of The Wolf. Elnur is followed on stage by two dancers and three backing vocalists for his powerful vocal performance.

@21:58 The golden feet of Maria Olafs are the next to stand on the stage of the Wiener Stadthalle.

@22:00 She sings Unbroken with a five strong backing vocalists group including Hera Björk, who represented Iceland in 2010.

@22:02 More artist chatting with Conchita from Norway and Portugal in the green room lead up to the Swedish entry.

@22:04 The hotly tipped Heroes with Måns Zelmerlöw and his popular screen projections.

@22:05 Måns delivers yet another strong performance of his well rehearsed act with red and white lighting.

@22:08 Switzerland comes next with singer songwriter Melanie René and her self penned Time To Shine.

@22:09 She definitely does shine in the centre of the stage with her silver dress and surrounded by her backing singers playing drums.

@22:12 The stage goes totally black for Cyprus as the performance of John Karagiannis starts in black and white on the screens as well.

@22:14 One Thing I Should Have Done is the title of his tender ballad beautifully staged here in Vienna

@22:16 Second last in this Semi-Final is Slovenia with the husband-wife combo Maraaya and the song Here For You.

@22:18 Both Marietka and Raay are wearing their now famous headphones, their most distinctive visual feature alongside their air violin dancer.

@22:20 And closing this Semi-Final is Poland with the singer Monika Kuszinska.

@22:22 As you might now Monika had an accident nine years ago and is sitting on her wheel chair during the performance of In The Name Of Love, which tells her story of overcoming that experience.

@22:24 And with this Conchita announces the end of the presentation of the competing songs. This is a moment when the hosts call TV viewers in Europe and Australia to vote! How are you going to vote for tonight? Let us know.

@22:25 So, Europe and Australia start voting now!

@22:35 While you are voting, let's have a look at betting odds.

@22:40 Hopefully you have already voted, because the lines are closed now.

@22:44 In case you are wondering what happens with your vote(s), here's a video to explains it all.

@22:47 While we are waiting for the results, this is a great moment to get to know some of the finalists - artists from Italy, the UK, Germany and Austria.

@22:55 It’s time to announce another 10 finalists:

@23:05 We are expecting the winners of tonight's show to arrive in the Press Conference area, where they will meet the press and take part in a draw. As always, you can join us and follow the Winners Press Conference LIVE via YouTube, but also here on




Gallery: Winner's on stage

@23:33 The press conference with 10 qualifiers from tonight's show is about to start.

@23:40 "You know with those kisses we didn't expect to surprise anyone. We just wanted to send the message we are for the equal rights for everyone,“ Vaidas said during the Press Conference, explaining what it the kiss about. Lithuania will perform in the first half of the Grand Final on Saturday.

@23:45 "I feel like I have something to say. It easy deeper than before. I have a message to put in a song. It's a good side of what happened as we usually see just the bad side of it. I always look on the bright side, that's why I'm here," Monika from Poland said. She will be performing in the second half in the Final.

@23:50 "I came to some conclusions today. It's not about numbers it's about the personality. Starting tonight, I believe more in myself and feel more self-confident," Marjetka said. "I think the goal for Saturday is the same. We are just talk about more millions watching, that's it," Raay added. Slovenia will compete in the first half on Saturday.

@23:53 "It was a great night. I'm happy and relieved," Mans from Sweden said. "There are a lot of great songs, so I hope I will be better on Saturday as I was too fast in the second half tonight." He will be performing in the first half of the show.

@23:55 "It's such an amazing feeling," Mørland from Norway said. "Our song is more about accepting people the way they are," he added. "I think it's awesome that two Nordic countries made it and also sad that others didn't," Debrah. They will be performing in the first half of the show on Saturday.

@23:59 "I feel never better in my career. This is the time of life and I think my father is also being proud of me right now," Knez for Montenegro said. "This is good for our country. This semi-final was strong, which makes us proud and satisfied." Knez will compete in the second half in the Final.

@00:01 "I just wanted to say huge thank you to all who supported me tonight, who obviously believe in my song, so thank you so much," John from Cyprus said. "Right now everyone is happy, but I'm also sad because 10 countries made it, seven didn't. But this is how it is with television." He will be performing in the first half of the show coming up on Saturday.

@00:06 "There is actually a reason why I would rather not perform right now. Hopefully, you can understand. But I feel happy," Elnur from Azerbaijan said explaining why he would not sing any song at the press conference. Elnur has drawn to perform in the second half.

@00:08 "I feel amazing, so happy. I would like to thank everyone who supported me. I felt the support and energy that I wanted to feel," Aminata from Latvia said. "The inner voice is an album about my personal experiences and relationship. This song is about true meaning of love, that's why it's important for me." She will be performing in the second half.

@00:13 "I  never thought I'm going to do something huge like Eurovision. I want to thank everyone who helped me to be here. Thank you all, especially to my team," Nadav form Israel said. "We came here to do our best. Which mean yes we came here to do a party on Saturday." Israel will compete in the first half of the Grand Final on the 23rd of May.

@00:29 The second Semi-Final is maybe over, but you can still enjoy the performances we've had tonight. They are already on our YouTube channel.

@00:35 The live coverage from the Wiener Stadthalle is not over for tonight yet. We are still waiting for the running order of the performances in the Grand Final to be announced. So, stay tuned!

@00:45 What a joy for the winners of the second Semi-Final show! You can see their reactions on the way back to the backstage here. says congratulations!

@00:51 More reactions we captured by our video guys.

@01:40 And we have the running order for the Grand Final on Saturday!




























@01:45 That was all for tonight! Good night Europe and Australia. Don't forget to join us tomorrow again for more Eurovision news and live updates!