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Second Semi-Final: A close race once again

Posted 28 May 2010 at 16:11

The commentators briefing, tagged as one of the most important meetings at the Eurovision Song Contest, is a traditional meeting where all the commentators from countries broadcasting Europe's favourite TV-show meet with the organisers and get the most up-to-date information.
Today was their last meeting in Oslo, where Svante Stockselius and the TV producer, Hasse Lindmo, updated the commentators on last night's show and the upcoming Grand Final. "It was another excellent production from NRK and we are extremely happy with it," Stockselius stated.

A close race last night

According to him it was once again a close race for the Final spots. If in the first Semi-Final only three points separated the eleventh ranked country from the Final then last night it was five and there was a draw for the 9th and 10th place. This means that both of these participants had the same amount of points and thus their final positions were drawn. It did not, however, had any influence on the results as both qualified in any case.
Stockselius also stated that about twice as many votes were cast yesterday evening compared to the first Semi-Final on Tuesday. "There were no problems in televoting in any of the participating countries, the mixed voting system was used everywhere," he concluded.
But what would happen if two countries would have the same amount of points in the Final as well? "Then we first check who got points from more countries, if that doesn't help us then we move to checking who got more 12 points, 10 points and so on," the Executive Supervisor explained.

What if...

What if the spokespeople - the people who read out the points in the Final - give out the wrong points? "We do have 39 nervous people all over Europe, who have their moment," Stockselius explained. "In this case the host of the show would hint to the person about the mistake and if there's still a problem then I would interfere."
And if this still wouldn't help then the country would be moved to the end of the voting sequence to give them enough time to get their records straight. And if even in this case there would still be problems then the Executive Supervisor would read out this country's points. So, everything is backed up to ensure a fair result in the end.
Lindmo, the man behind the look of the Shows, gave an overview of all the exciting things Europe will be looking forward to tomorrow evening, during the Final. And taking him by his words - we can expect a spectacular show with many surprises. As a hint - the Host Broadcaster, NRK, travelled to all 39 participating countries, from Iceland to Azerbaijan. You can see the result of that already tomorrow evening!
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