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Sébastien Tellier's first rehearsal

17 May 2008 at 21:39 CEST

Sébatstien Tellier's first rehearsal was a success this afternoon at the Belgrade Arena. Sébastien Tellier's song Divine is about love, and this is also reflected in the warm colours decorated on the huge LED screens in the back and on the edge of the stage. The whole arrangement of the song and the lights on the stage create an ambience where you almost feel that you are on a romantic honeymoon. At one point during the song, the LED screen turns into a sea where a bright-shining sun rises above. Sébastien Tellier did all of his rehearses extremely professionally - and he seems very comfortable on the big stage. Sébastien Tellier is alone on stage wearing big, black sunglasses, but he is backed by four female singers and one male backing singer. In the background on the stage, a golf car is situated. The French performer's relaxed and cool appearance on stage is remarkable, and this unique performance will indeed bring something new to the song contest. The choreography of the performance is quite simple which suits the song well, so mostly adjustments are about the sound, issues regarding the earphones and getting the right camera angles.

Sébastien Tellier is one of these few rare artists, combining virtuosity, humour and overall talent reminding us of entertainers à la Robert Wyatt, Syd Barret or Serge Gainsbourg. His live performances are considered as being intense, emotional experiences hypnotising the audience. Well respected in French music circles, Sébastien enlisted Guy-Manuel Homem de Christo (Daft Punk) on production duties for his latest album, Sexuality, a record brimming with warmth that takes the influence of classic European artists such as Ennio Morricone and Giorgio Moroder before rendering it a modern style that evokes American R’n’B, in the vein of Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé.

At the press conference after the rehearsal, the French delegation expressed their content with today's rehearsal. A journalist asked why the English language has been chosen instead of French. Sébastien Tellier explained that he feels that English suits pop music better, and that in the forum of the Eurovision Song Contest, he will easier be able to forward his message in English, since most people outside France do not speak French. In addition to this, he explained that it is the spirit that counts and not the language. Another journalist asked how Sébastian Tellier feels about participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, since he probably did not think of being here just a few months ago. To this he replied "no", but that he is a "kind of freak" so perhaps it is not the biggest surprise that he suddenly is here now. Sébastien's backing singers are usually a part of a bigger gospel chior back home in France, so they gave a taste of their abilities singing a joyful song in English. The French Head of Delegation Bruno Berbéres also told the fans and accredited press that there will be surprises on the night of the grand Final - surprises which not will be revealed in the rehearsals.