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Sebalter from Switzerland fills the hall with whistles

03 May 2014 at 19:57 CEST

And that whistling is certainly contagious. It's part of the Swiss entry Hunter Of Stars which is performed by Sebalter who also plays the violin in the song.

And if that wasn't enough he even runs around the stage, as he told us: "That's my personality. I move a lot, even when I'm just talking like in this very moment. And that's exactly how I am on stage too." Sebalter is surrounded by his band of musicians and a backing singer.

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Earlier this week Sebalter had some time to be creative:

Sebalter, a musical alter ego

Sebalter entered the press conference of Switzerland introducing his band and went on about his rehearsal: "I am quite happy that it went so well, concentrating with the cameras and the stage and trying to make it feel like home".

He started playing the violin since he was six and around 16 he got in contact with Irish folk music and fell in love with it, but likes to listen every kind of music, like hard rock: "My parents used to listen to hard rock music and that genre gave me the energy I needed to hear in music".

The name Sebalter comes from his real name, SEBastian, and ALTER comes from "alter ago" and Sebastian's musical alter ego is Sebalter and is working on an album "which will be probably released around September and the new single in June".

And before he whistled to Hunter Of Stars he explained where that came from: "The whistle part was meant to be played with my violin, but while creating it I recorded the melody on my phone whistling and it stuck in my head so we decided to use it in the end".

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