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Save the date for the F.Y.R. Macedonian national selection!

16 July 2014 at 01:55 CEST

The way of the organisation of the F.Y.R. Macedonian national selection has been changed this year. MRT has announced that the representative from F.Y.R. Macedonia in Europe’s biggest TV show will be chosen in the course of the Skopje Festival. The final of this special event is scheduled for the 12th of November in the capital of F.Y.R. Macedonia. 

Two music events come together in Skopje

The Skopje Festival has already been used as the F.Y.R. Macedonian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, since the late 90s. Their first representative in the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest was Vlado Janevski who won the Skopje Festival with his song Ne Zori Zoro.

"The Skopje Festival is the oldest and most respected festival in F.Y.R. Macedonia,” said Mary Popova, the Head of the F.Y.R. Macedonian Delegation. Due to summer slump, MRT extended the application deadline for the competition and calls all the musicians to send in their applications till the 31st of July. Afterwards, “we will select twenty songs which will be presented in the national final of the Skopje Festival, on the 12th of November”, Mary Popova added.

One of the twenty best participants of the Skopje Festival 2014 will be selected by a 50/50 decision of an international jury and a public televote, and will represent F.Y.R. Macedonia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.