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Satisfying first Andorran rehearsal!

13 May 2008 at 00:29 CEST

Gisela's entry Casanova was performed successfully at today's rehearsal, and nobody can doubt on the vocal strength of this young female singer. Therefore Gisela spent most of the time to discuss the choreography. Gisela is backed by four female backing singers who also dance throughout the performance. Together they all move quite alot around on stage which naturally suits this disco-pop song very well. Casanova is sung in English, but a tiny stanza in the Catalan language has also been incorporated into the song.

Gisela is a famous singer in her home country, Spain. She was actually supposed to become a journalist, but quitted that when she was chosen to participate in Operación Triunfo, the Spanish version Fame Academy. In 2002, Gisela had the opportunity to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with Rosa and four other members of the Academy. Although they did not win, they achieved a commendable seventh position. Gisela was chosen through internal selection by Andorran broadcaster, RTVA.


At the press conference, Gisela and the Andorran delegation expressed their content with todays rehearsal. Gisela explained that due to the fact that the stage is much more different from what they are used to, they have to make a few changes in the choreography. "The sound is not ready yet", Gisela said, but she is very optimistic about the next rehearsals. The Andorran Head of Delegation, Creu Rosell, told the fans and accredited press that she thinks the performers are more professional this year than in the prior years, and therefore she is very confident in the hope of reaching the grand Final. Casanova is the fifth entry ever representing Andorra at the Eurovision Song Contest, and the country has not yet qualified for the Final.