Sara Varga and The Moniker took the Second Chance in Swedish Eurovision selections

Sara Varga and The Moniker qualified for the national final of Sweden on Saturday night. They took the last two slots in the line-up for the final, now including a total of ten songs.

Sara Varga and The Moniker were the winners of the fifth show of this year's Melodifestivalen, the name of the national selection in Sweden. This show is a Second Chance round for the participants placed third and fourth in the semi-finals.


Head to head battles

In the Second Chance round, or Andra Chansen as it is called locally, the pretenders for the final battles head to head for the last two slots, with the viewers voting for their favourite. The winners in the first four duels have to sing again for another round of voting, where they face each other in two semi-finals.

The national final in Sweden will take place in the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm next Saturday, on the 12th of March.

The complete developments of the night:

Duel 1: Jenny Silver, Something In Your Eyes vs. Love Generation, Dance Alone.

Duel 2: Loreen, My Heart Is Refusing Me vs. Sara Varga, Spring För Livet.

Duel 3: Linda Pritchard, Alive vs. The Moniker, Oh My God!.

Duel 4: Shirley's Angels, I Thought It Was Forever vs. Pernilla Andersson, Desperados.

Semi-final 1: Love Generation, Dance Alone vs. Sara Varga, Spring För Livet

Semi-final 2: The Moniker, Oh My God vs. Pernilla Andersson, Desperados

First winner: Sara Varga, Spring För Livet

Second winner: The Moniker, Oh My God


Shirley Clamp improves

In this year's Melodifestivalen, Shirley Clamp participates for the fifth time. After enjoying success with songs such as Min Kärlek, finishing on the second place of the national final in 2004, she got a disappointing last place in her last attempt, in 2009.

This year, she performs the entry I Thought It Was Forever together with Jessica Marberger and Vera Prada, forming the group Shirley's Angels. Jessica Marberger was last seen as a backing singer for Anna Bergendahl's Swedish entry in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.


"It's hard and a bit stupid"

Despite her long experience, Shirley Clamp is critical to the nerve-wracking format of duels used in the Second Chance round of Melodifestivalen. The duels mean that one out of the two acts, being randomly paired up, has to go in each one of the six rounds of voting.

"It's very nerve-wracking, I feel a bit sick. It's a hard and a bit stupid way to do it. Nothing is fair when you compete in music, but everything here depends on who's watching and voting. You can't control it, you can just perform the best you can," Shirley Clamp says to


"Reaching the Second Chance is very good"

Something adding to the tension is possibly Shirley's own craving for a good result in Melodifestivalen. The last place in the semi-final in 2009 is still hovering in the back of her mind.

"Because of my result last time, I think it's really important to make a good result. But reaching the Second Chance is very good," she says.

The Second Chance was the end of the road for Shirley and her Angels this time, as Pernilla Andersson defeated them in the first round.

Listen to the full interview with Shirley Clamp:

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