Sanremo 2019 hosts
Sanremo 2019 hosts Photo: RAI

'Sanremo 2019' night 3, with special guests Umberto Tozzi & Raf

Yesterday, during the second night of Sanremo 2019, 12 of the 24 participating acts - including Poperatic' trio Il Volo - performed their entries again. The trio placed among the middle four with their song Musica che resta in the journalist's voting. Amongst the top four were Loredana Berte, Daniele Silvestri, Arisa and Achille Lauro. Learn more about the voting in Sanremo 2019 here..

Today night three of Sanremo takes place, with a very special guest performance from Umberto Tozzi & Raf, who represented Italy at the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest placing third with Gente di mare. The artists performing tonight: Mahmood, Enrico Nigiotti, Anna Tatangelo, Ultimo, Francesco Renga, Irama, Patty Pravo con Briga, Simone Cristicchi, Boomdabash, Motta, Zen Circus and Nino D'Angelo & Livio Cori. Tune in at 20:30 CET!

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