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Sanna Nielsen shines in her second rehearsal

02 May 2014 at 15:25 CEST

Sanna Nielsen had tried to represent Sweden several times in the past. In 2008 she came very close to do so with her song Empty Room, but she didn't give up and kept on trying until this year she finally managed to win Melodifestivalen with her moving ballad Undo.

Sanna, looks very relaxed in the artists lounge and backstage area just waiting for her time to go up onstage. She even had some time for a little instagram shot with us:

The Swedish delegation is in the same relaxed mood after having been the hosts for last year's contest. They still might feel at home as part of the production team are from Sweden.

The disco ball

And what you probably wouldn't expect from this year's Swedish entry is to have a glittery disco ball onstage, but that's exactly what lies from the ceiling over Sanna during the last part of her performance while several lights make it shine to a beautiful contrast effect, as the rest of the stage is quite dark for Undo with only a focus on the singer.

Sanna looks stunning in her chiffon and sequin black short dress which could well be her ultimate choice for the shows.

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Thank you!

Sanna Nielsen is very grateful to her fans and followers for the constant support she's been getting from them over the years and especially now in her Eurovision adventure as she thanks them in our video below:

"I want to enjoy every minute of this"

Sanna walked in the press conference room wearing a fucsia dress and a black jacket and talked about her stage performance today: " I'm so pleased and I finally got to wear my beautiful dress. I'm so happy with how everything went on stage. We had a few changes with the pictures and the lights, but it's almost there now".

"It's super fun to perform here. It's not difficult as I'm used to stand on a stage and perform. The only difference is the atmosphere, that I'm finally here. The stage is beautiful, it looks like a diamond. But for me it's so dark, with the water surrounding... that it's like magic".

Why did she keep on trying for many years? "The music kept me going. I love this event, been a follower since I was a kid when Carola won in 1991. It's fascinating!" 

Sanna was asked by a journalist if she had any special diet to keep her voice so clear: "Just eat when you are hungry (laughs) it's my specific diet". And then the Swedish delegation joked about some chocolates they brought along:  "But you can have and eat my Sanna-chocolate because you're worth it, you might eat a piece of me! No really, it's all about the focus. I just want to enjoy every single minute of this, I really want to be focused".

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Afterwards Sanna sang a little bit of her runner-up in the 2008 Swedish final Empty Room live for the press and fans attending and followed it with a beautiful unplugged version of Undo with a guitar player and her backing singers.

Sanna was asked about being a singer already as a child: "I was eleven years-old, still in school when I started my career, but everybody wanted me to be a girl doing children's stuff, so my lovely parents took it carefully that singing was only my hobby and not a job".

The composer Fredrik Kempe confessed he doesn't compose that many songs actually, but he sits by the piano every day, and plays, plays and plays and sometimes he gets that something special, like it happened with Undo which he was delighted to work with Sanna Nielsen again "usually I try to understand the artist and write about it".

The 30th of June and beginning of July ,Sanna will release an album in all of Scandinavia and Germany and depending on how it goes in Eurovision it might come out in other countries as well. Sanna is excited to release the album in other countries in the summer "I don't have any holiday plans!". She instagrammed about it in her own account. The title of the album will be 7: