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Here's Sandro's Eurovision 2020 song 'Running' for Cyprus

06 March 2020 at 17:00 CET
Sandro - 'Running' (Official Music Video) CyBC
Cypriot public broadcaster has premiered the official music video for Sandro's Eurovision 2020 song. 'Running' was written by Alfie Arcuri, Sebastian Metzner Rickards, Octavian, Sandro and Teo DK. The song tells about the struggle against adversity and the storms we have to weather in life. Sandro will perform in the second half of the first Semi-Final in Rotterdam on 12 May.

As an artist, Sandro's philosophy is that music must be authentic, truthful and with a goal to reach peoples’ hearts. This is, of course, reflected in the feel of Running: it's a dark story that showcases the struggle against adversity and the storms we have to weather in life.

Having gone through depression himself, Sandro’s performance underlines the tunnel of darkness that we must keep on running through and the strength needed to stand tall through it.

About Sandro

Sandro, born Alessandro H. Ruetten was born on 2 August 1996 in Germany, where he currently resides. Sandro began his music career at the early age of 4 when he started to sing and play the drums. Influenced by his musically‐inclined family, Sandro started playing the guitar when he was 8 and at 19 the piano was added to his list of talents. He founded his first band when he was 15 years old and it was at this teenage stage that he started to write and produce his own songs, predominantly of the rock and pop genres. Sandro is characterized by his recognizable and colourful voice and his natural ability to connect with the audience and thus convey the emotions of the songs he performs.

Sandro banner CyBC

In 2018, Sandro’s cousin filed an application on his behalf for The Voice of Germany. Sandro reached the 'blind auditions', making his TV debut with a cover of In My Blood by Shawn Mendes. Strengthened by all that he gained from The Voice, Sandro was invited to represent the United States at the 2019 New Wave Festival, the most prestigious International singing event in Russia, broadcasted live by Channel 1, Russia's public broadcaster.

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Posted 29 November 2019 at 18:17 CET

Cyprus will be represented by Sandro in Rotterdam

Cyprus' Eurovision 2020 participant Sandro CyBC

Cypriot public broadcaster CyBC has announced that Sandro will sing for them in Rotterdam in 2020.

The broadcaster said in a social media post that more information on Sandro's participation will follow in the coming weeks.

Cyprus' Eurovision 2020 participant Sandro CyBC

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