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San Marino: Achille Lauro takes 'Stripper' to Eurovision 🇸🇲

20 February 2022 at 00:13 CET
Achille Lauro
San Marino’s extensive search is over! Achille Lauro will represent the Most Serene Republic with the song 'Stripper' a fortnight after competing in Italy's Sanremo national final.

In one of the biggest twists of the 2022 Eurovision national final season… Achille Lauro, who had been part of Italy’s Sanremo contest with the song Domenica, will now represent San Marino with a different song… Stripper.

Arguably, when you take into account the size and population of the micronation, Una Voce Per San Marino is one of the most ambitious national finals seen in Eurovision history. A total of 76 acts were whittled down to 1 over 7 shows, with fans delighted to see homegrown talent take on the likes of ‘80s pop legend Ivana Spagna, and recent (and we mean very recent) Sanremo participant Achille Lauro.

Achille Lauro in front of some very big speakers

The Grand Final was hosted by Eurovision 2011, 2020 and 2021 participant Senhit, alongside presenter Jonathan Kashanian in the Teatro Nuovo in the Sammarinese town of Dogana.

A total of 76 acts were whittled down to 1, and so the honour of representing San Marino has fallen to Achille Lauro, who will compete in the Second Semi-Final on Thursday 12 May.

Una Voce Per San Marino 2022 Grand Finalists:

Established Acts

  • Francesco Monte – Mi Ricordo Di Te (Adrenalina)
  • Burak Yeter & Alessandro Coli – More Than You ✨ (2nd)
  • Cristina Ramos – Heartless Game
  • Valerio Scanu – Lo Credo
  • Ivana Spagna – Seriously In Love
  • Matteo Faustini – L’ultima Parola
  • Tony Cicco, Deshedus and Alberto Fortis – Sono un Uomo
  • Fabry & Labiuse ft. Miodio
  • Achille Lauro – Stripper

Emerging Artists

  • Aaron Sibley – Pressure ✨ (3rd)
  • Camille Cabaltera – Move 'Em Like You Never Did
  • Basti – Running
  • Vina Rose – Sweet Denial
  • Alessia Labate – World Falls Down
  • MeriCher – Tiramisu
  • Kurt Cassar – Tears of Gold
  • Elena & Francesco Faggi – Nothing Can Blow Me Out
  • Mate – DNA

More to follow…

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