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San Marino's first ever entry!

Posted 11 May 2008 at 16:07

For the first time ever in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, the tiny republic of San Marino decided to take part, and that was a good decision as their representatives, rock group, Miodio, delivered an outstanding first rehearsal of their song Complice. The group of five young men is joined by a female dancer on stage who interacts well with the lead singer of the group, Nicola Della Valle. The whole act looked very modern and could attract lots of votes from the younger televoters. The song Complice is sung fully in Italian and it's one of three songs using the Italian language this year - the other too being Switzerland and Romania. The stage during the San Marinese song is mostly black and blue with some orange in the back part of the LED screens.
The band Miodio formed in the winter of 2002 and consists of five members: Nicola Della Valle (lead vocals) Paolo Macina (Guitars) Andrea Marco Pollice "Polly" (Bass and Programming) Francesco Sancisi (Keyboards and Programming) and Alessandro Gobbi (Drums). In 2006 their first EP was released containing five tracks. One year later they released their first single It's Ok, which is still played by more than a hundred national radio stations. The song has been also included in the soundtrack of the movie Il Soffio Dell’Anima.
During their press conference, the sympathetic group revealed that they are very happy to represent their native country. They also treated the audience with an acapella of Complice which was very well-received.
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